The Solution to Corroding Union Metal Light Bases

The Solution to Corroding Union Metal Light Bases

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Union metal light bases have been around for quite some time. Metal and steel are commonly used materials due to their strength and dependability. Yet, if you have ever dealt with metal light bases you know that they are prone to rusting and breaking down over time. These issues are especially prevalent at the base of the pole because this is where the most physical contact with the elements occur.

Think of it like this, when someone knocks a light pole with a weed whacker, or a passing dog lifts their leg, the area of the pole that takes on the brunt of these forces is the base – the part closest to the ground. Metal poles and bases contain a thin protective coating that is intended to prevent rust and corrosion. This works for a short time, but eventually, that top layer begins to chip away. All it takes is a few small cuts in the outer coating before moisture, dog urine, and other elements can seep inside and start rotting the pole from the inside out.

To prevent this natural degradation, you need a stronger base that doesn’t crack or chip in the first place. That’s where resin-based fixtures come in handy. Before we get into the benefits of resin, here are some pros and cons of union metal light bases.

Pros of metal light bases & poles:

  • Strong – won’t bend in the wind
  • Creates a nice looking exterior
  • Commonly found and easy to source
  • Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles

Cons of metal light bases & poles:

  • Prone to rust and corrosion
  • Thin outer layer breaks down and leaves the pole susceptible to damage from the elements
  • Damage often occurs from the inside out, so you don’t even know how bad it is getting until the pole falls over or starts to look badly worn.

How Resin-based Light Bases Work

To generate a truly strong light pole base, we use a unique proprietary blend of resin that is mixed with galvanized steel and industrial plastic foam. The strong steel serves as the center of the pole and it is coated in the resin-blend as well as the plastic foam, these two thick layers offer superior protection against the elements while also giving the pole its style and shape. Since the end result is a non-porous pole, moisture cannot get in. Plus, the base is resistant to chips and cracks. That means you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion.

Issues with Union Metal Light Bases

There are several common issues that impact metal, steel and aluminum poles simply due to exposure to the elements over time.

  • For starters, they are prone to rust and corrosion caused by things like moisture, salinity, and pet waste.
  • Thieves are more prone to steal a metal pole because of the value of scrap metal.
  • The thin outer coating applied to metal poles isn’t thick enough to protect against damages for long. Eventually, and it often takes less time than you might think, the outer layer becomes damaged by something and corrosive elements are able to seep inside.

What if you already have metal light bases?

If you have metal light poles and notice the key signs of damage (such as rust, chips in the surface, discoloration, or other physical defects), do you have to get rid of the entire pole? If you ignore existing damages it creates an eyesore and opens the door for further deterioration until the pole falls down. Yet, replacing the entire pole due to base damage is costly and possibly even unnecessary.

Why replace when you can rebase? Our unique resin-based light post bases attach to the base of standard-sized light poles measuring 3 or 5 inches in diameter. As a result, the light pole looks newer and better, and it prolongs the life of the fixture. The added protective coating slows down the progression of damage caused by moisture, pet waste, and other corrosive elements by simply keeping them out.

There are two different types of light post bases. First, we offer a drop-over style that fits over the top of the pole and slides down to fit around the base. You’ll need to remove the light or topper to get this style base on. We also offer a clam shell base that operates using a hinge to open and close. It easily fits around the base and clamps shut. Customizations are always welcome – if you can envision it, we can create it.

Benefits of adding rebasing metal light poles:

  • More affordable than replacing the entire pole
  • Can add years onto the life of pole by protecting it against further damages
  • Improves appearance of the pole
  • Improves safety by helping to prevent the entire pole from falling over and landing on a car or even a person who happens to be passing by. It might sound far-fetched, but metal light poles have fallen down in US cities due to corrosion that goes ignored for too long.

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