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Top 9 Best Backyard Design Ideas Of 2015

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Having the best looking house on the block is easier than you think with these 9 best backyard design ideas of 2015.

1. Create A Perimeter Of Pretty Perennials

Adding perimeters of flowers are all the rage this summer, as they make the perfect statement for your yard. You can create a perimeter of flowers around the entire border of your property, planted in the ground or in an assortment of planters. You can even create a perimeter of flowers between you and your neighbor’s yard for added privacy. Perennials come in so many different colors and varieties, allowing endless options based upon style, and taste.

2. Build A Fire Pit Lounge Area

Fire pits are the perfect addition to any backyard space especially in the summer time. Don’t forget to get creative with your seating area by adding chairs, benchers and planters. Placing your fire pit at the edge of your yard will make your property feel more spacious as it will take a bit of a walk to get there.

A fire pit doesn’t have to be anything fancy, think of it as a glorified camping fire. Basically all that you need is a stone masonry wall that measures between 36 and 44 inches in diameter. You will also need a thick metal lining around the inside of the pit to protect the masonry work. Of course, there’s a little more to it then that, hiring a professional for the job is your best bet. If you’re set on doing it yourself here’s a great blog to reference:,,1636191,00.html

3.  Plant An Edible Garden

Edible plants can be just as beautiful as non-edible plants plus they offer an extra delicious perk… you can eat them! Adding an edible garden is a great way to jump on the green sustainable home movement, plus it gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious organic fruits and vegetables without the high grocery store costs.

Avoid planting your edible garden near the edges of your house, as there is a higher risk for lead soil contamination here. If you are short on space or quality ground soil, you can pot your edible plants in large raised containers.

Not only will your property look better but it will also taste better, promising you plenty of salads and ripe fruit every summer. Orange and lemon trees are especially awesome if you are looking to plant trees, they will take a few seasons to take hold but when they fruit you’re going to be glowing with citrusy joy!

Landscape Architect showing design of elaborate backyard design.4. Light Up The Yard

Lighting is in this year. From pretty little tree lights to decorative lampposts, your yard needs lighting to get those summer festivities off to a good start. Adding lighting in all the right places will transform your backyard from dark and dim to bright and glorious! Plus, with the vast diversity of lighting available there is something for every style. Highlight your favorite tree, patch of garden or seating area. If your budget is small outdoor string lights can add the lighting you’re looking for without breaking the bank. This is best when mixed with more substantial light sources, such as tree ring lights or outdoor lamps.

The key is to find outdoor lighting fixtures that are capable of standing up to the elements. Our world-renowned landscaping fixtures are made from a specially crafted resin that doesn’t rust, rot or stain.

5. Add A Hammock In The Shade

Americans take less vacation time than any other industrialized nation. Give yourself the break you deserve this year by adding a great place for outdoor naps. A hammock strung between two shady trees will entice many relaxers to come out and relax. If you’re worried that you won’t have enough time to utilize the space just remember, the more you rest up the more productive you will be.

6. Create A Wild Meadow Of Native Plants

If your yard is large and there are spaces that you struggle to maintain we have the perfect solution. Tear up whatever you currently have and replace it with native plants that are hardy enough to survive on their own without much TLC. Let them grow wild and you will have a pretty secret garden that takes little to no maintenance or water. Native plants are the important component, as they will save considerable amounts of time, efforts and water. 

7.  Artificial Grass

Speaking of saving water there’s no better way to keep your lawn green without breaking the faucet than to plant artificial grass. Higher end options look very similar to real grass until you get close enough to touch. Water is in short supply with many of the outer edge US states in drought. You can shave hundreds of dollars off your water bill every month by ripping up your lawn and adding faux grass. 

8. Add Patio Space

Every backyard needs a nice patio that provides people with a place to sit, relax and maybe even escape the sun if the patio is covered. A simple concrete patio can make the perfect background for outdoor furniture set and a few simple accessories such as a throw rug and candles. Dress up a simple or ornate patio by hanging curtains from each of the four posts, held back with twine, or some other material, for a luxurious look on a dime. 

9. Add A Ping-Pong Table

No seriously, add a Ping-Pong table to your backyard and you are going to be looking pretty sweet to all of your buddies.  It’s not as simple as it sounds, you have to set the stage for an outdoor Ping-Pong table just right, otherwise your yard is in danger of looking like a hick house with random toys thrown around the lawn. You need other landscaping elements to play into the table, for instance surrounding it on all sides with potted tall topiary plants. Once you’ve got your table situated just right you are sure to enjoy many fun games with friends and family.

If you are redoing your yard TerraCast Products offers the only rust, stain and rot resistant products you can count on forever.