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Who Makes The Best Commercial Lamp Posts?

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Commercial lamp posts play an important role in commercial landscaping, but what sets rudimentary options apart from the best lamp posts on the market? There are 8 key reasons our lamp posts stand out from the rest.

Almost every business requires commercial lamp posts in order to keep patrons and the overall business safe, as well as to add an aesthetically pleasing touch.

We are proud to offer the most innovative lamp posts on the market; in fact TerraCast Products takes commercial lighting to an entirely new level. Our specially formulated resin-blend commercial lamp posts are truly one of a kind. Made to provide an economical option in terms of lighting and landscaping appearances, they are also made to weather pretty much anything and everything.

Here are 8 reasons our commercial lamp posts are the best option out there.

1. Commercial Lamp Posts That Last Forever

One of the reasons our customers love our lamp posts so much is that they virtually last forever. While many commercial lamp posts begin to show signs of rust or corrosion in only a couple years, ours do not. Thanks to our production process, our resin-based products are non-porous and therefore do not absorb water. As a result they do not rust or show other common signs of water damage. Instead, they are made to stand tall and proud, looking like new for many years to come.

2. Made For Bright Lights & Big Cities

All of our lamp posts are equipped with LED lighting, which translates to less electricity usage as well as longer lasting bulbs. Using LED bulbs offers an easy way to save money month after month. It will also earn you bonus points if you are trying to get your project approved for LEED certification.

We rely on 110-volt wire to power lighting fixtures, that’s the most durable option for underground lighting.

3. Lamp posts With Endless Options

Every business is different and therefore you need options when it comes to finding the best lamp posts for you. Our LED lighting fixtures offer you the chance to program and customize lighting to fit your needs. Set lights on timers, or have the brightness fade or increase at certain intervals.

We also offer a variety of accessories to dress up lamp posts for added advantages. You pick the luminaire, as well as base and post cover for your lamp post. Plus, you are also in control of the height of the actual post. 

4. Our Lamp posts Are Injury & Stain Resistant

Lamp posts in public spaces are prone to many different injuries. For instance, it’s very common for weed whackers to accidentally slice at lamp post bases. Standard lamp posts will begin to deteriorate from this common mistake, but not TerraCast lamp posts. No weed whacker is going to damage our high quality, durable lamp posts.

Traditional lamp posts are coated with a thin powder coat or baked enamel, which is supposed to help protect against corrosion. This thin layer only does its job for so long before it is broken down by the elements and unavoidable circumstances… like a misguided weed whacker. Once this top layer breaks down, even in one small area, water and other damaging elements are free to soak in and start corroding the entire post.

Even if you opt for concrete posts you are still faced with issues of discoloration and stains that are impossible to remove. Not to mention, fertilizers and rusty pipes contaminate sprinkler water with salt, which is going to quickly create a dirty and stained appearance on concrete surfaces.

That’s why we created a lamp post durable enough to withstand knocks and bangs without sustaining damage. Our lamp posts are immune to weed whackers, salt-laden water and even animal urine.

5. Durable Construction Makes All The Difference

Not only are TerraCast lamp posts baked with the right ingredients to resist stain and injury, but also they are durable through and through. Our classic lamp posts are made with galvanized steel at the inner core, which is surrounded by generous layers of polyurethane foam. This foam actively protects the core from corrosive elements. On top of this is LLDPE resin, which is specially formulated to sit outdoors for many years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

When you can truly rely on the construction of a lamp post, inside and out, you don’t have to worry about replacing it. This grants you more time and money to focus on your business.

New England Lamp Post6. Lamp posts With Eye-Catching Style

Style is important, after all everything about the appearance of your business says something to the public about who you are and how you operate. Since every business has its unique style, we make sure to keep a variety of styles in stock and available. We also love doing custom work and are happy to make your business a one-of-a-kind lamp post that fits your exact needs.

Our most popular lamp post models are the New England and the Washington Pole.

The New England is a throwback to the classic poles found around New England in the early 1900’s. It has a long and narrow throat section, in comparison to the thicker Washington model. The Washington Pole is a tribute to the US capitol. It comes with double a fluted base, tapered shaft and embodies classic American design.

The Washington Pole:

The New England Pole:

Lamp posts range in height from 7 to 16-feet. Once topped with your choice of luminaire, lamp posts reach between 7.5 and 20-feet tall. 

7. Unlimited Lamp Post Color Options

You’re not stuck with one or two color options, instead you can pick any color you want. Our lamp posts are available in standard black as well as every other color, including fancier looks such as faux-stone granite blend. We are able to match any color you want, or create an entirely unique color for you.

8. Eco-Friendly Lamp posts

Our lamp posts offer diversity, style, unmatched durability… and to top it all off, they are environmentally friendly! We use as much as 100% post-consumer recycled materials to create our resin-based products. Our products are also recyclable.

Our US-based factory utilizes sustainable methods such as natural gas ovens and cooling chambers fueled with reclaimed water.

Commercial lamp posts made by TerraCast Products are great for your business, as well as the environment and the American economy—now that’s innovation of the future!

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