Vertical wall planters.

Vertical Wall Planters Are Quickly Gaining Popularity

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Vertical gardening is rapidly gaining popularity as more commercial and residential locations create awesome living walls that draw attention and create a style statement. There was a time when gardening was secluded to the ground, but no longer is that true thanks to innovative vertical wall planters.

Vertical wall planters allow you to grow just about anything, just as you would any other potted plant, but hanging from the wall. From a design perspective this is pretty exciting and really opens up the doors to unlimited possibilities. 

Nightclubs, restaurants, wedding venues, hotels, and many other industries are turning to fun, decorative living walls. It’s not just commercial locations, but residential homes are finding a lot of success adorning indoor and outdoor spaces with vertical wall planters too.

There are so many ways to utilize and benefit from these unique planters. Here are 6 key benefits you could enjoy by adding vertical wall planters to your décor.

single vertical wall planter Unlimited Options: Commercial, Residential, Indoors or Outside

The versatility of wall planters remains a big part of their lure. Our durable, lightweight, water-resistant wall planters work well inside or outside, as well as for commercial or residential locations.

TerraCast’s vertical wall planters are going to do better outside in the elements than any other planter on the market, guaranteed. This has to do with our state-of-the-art process, which creates resin-based planters that do not rust, corrode and are not susceptible to water damage or graffiti.    

When It Comes To Wall Planters, It Gets Personal

There are so many ways you can mix and match wall planters; it all boils down to the look you are trying to achieve. You could use a variety of different wall planters or mix and match styles, colors and sizes. You could even plant a mixture of vines and moss directly onto the surface of a wall and then add a few of our durable TerraCast vertical wall planters throughout, creating striking contrast.

There are virtually unlimited colors, shapes, sizes and design elements to pick between to better personalize planters to your overall style. The goal is to create a look that speaks to your business, image or overall message to the world. That’s why it’s so awesome that your options for versatility are so vast. It doesn’t matter what style or design idea you have in mind, there’s a way to make wall planters work for you.

Wall Planters Draw Attention

What does you wall space look like? Is it eye-catching and intriguing or boring and in need of a makeover? A living wall makes a great focal point for photographs, which is especially valuable if you are a business. If your business holds events, the walls make for a great selling point. For instance, wedding venues with living walls are very popular and could help draw more interest to your space.

If you look up any venue, restaurant, nightclub, etc. with a living wall of some sort, people take a lot of pictures with it, which they then share to social media. This translates to free advertising for you. 

Even if you don’t want to create an entire living wall, a few nicely placed wall planters can dramatically alter the appearance of a space, making it more appealing to all. 

Wall Planters = Affordable Way To Spruce Up Décor

There are countless ways to add to your décor but adding plants is one of the most beautiful as well as affordable options out there. A few planters can alter the look of a space for far less than a large hand painted mural. Plus, everyone loves plants—after all, we couldn’t survive without them!

Vertical Wall Planters Are Low Maintenance & Weather Resistant

If you are decorating outdoor walls you must find weather resistant materials, which isn’t as easy as it may sound. Otherwise, you are going to end up replacing wall décor on a consistent basis.

Plants are meant to go outdoors, making them the most suited décor item of all. Our planters are equally suited to living outside. In fact, we make each planter using a specially formulated process that creates the strongest planter on the market.

Our resin-based planters are non-hydroscopic, meaning they are virtually incapable of absorbing moisture from the air, thus decreasing any chance of water damage. All of our planters are non-porous as well, so they will never rust or show signs of corrosion.  Not even graffiti is capable of leaving behind a lasting stain. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is all you need to wipe clean any vandalism.   

Wall Planters Allow You To Go Green In More Ways Than One

Paintings and shelving are so yesterday, adding life to walls is in line with the message to go green pulsing through modern society. When you decorate with potted plants you instantly add a more natural appeal to your décor. Plants help clean up the air inside and out, giving everyone something exciting to inhale and exhale about.

Adding potted planters made by TerraCast is yet another way to go green. Our planters are made in the USA using responsible and sustainable practices. In proof of our dedication to the planet, our planters are a great choice for use on LEED certified projects. 

Looking to add wall planters to your landscaping or interior décor? Look no further than TerraCast Products for the number one planter on the market. We offer everything from wall planters to large garden planters. Anything we don’t already have in stock we are happy to make custom.

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