Wholesale Commercial Planters: 9 Reasons Your Customers Will Love TerraCast Planters

Wholesale Commercial Planters: 9 Reasons Your Customers Will Love TerraCast Planters

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Finding the right wholesale commercial planters doesn’t have to be a challenge. Customers want planters that are durable, long lasting, affordable, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free. Sound too good to be true? Think again—TerraCast wholesale commercial planters offer all this and more! There are more than a few reasons why our planters are used in some of the busiest areas of the US—including Times Square in New York City.

9 Reasons TerraCast Planters are an Easy Sell


1. Precise Design & Quality Materials

TerraCast planters are made using a special RotoMolding process that creates two mirror-image halves that are then baked together into one solid unit. Using a specialized machine, the resin-filled mold is rotated at 360 degrees. Cooking it in rotation like this creates a uniform mold with the perfect coat of resin. During this process, the resin soaks into the mold from the outside-in. Each finished planter has sharp corners, precise edges, and exact detailing. From granite blends to pops of color, planters are uniform in size, shape, and shade.

2. Long Lasting Planters

Our indestructible LLDPE Resin planters are so strong that we’ve even thrown them from the rooftops of buildings—only to find them in good shape at the bottom of the fall. That’s because our unique resin-based blend is as flexible as it is strong. Unlike porous stone planters that shatter on impact, LLDPE resin has enough flexibility to absorb a decent amount of impact without cracking or breaking.

Our resin-based planters are non-hydroscopic, which means they do not absorb moisture and are resistant to water damage and stains. Plus, TerraCast planters can withstand a much wider range of temperatures than your standard planter—planters are A-Okay in temps ranging between -40 and 140+ degrees F.

3. Lightweight

Despite how durable TerraCast planters are they are surprisingly lightweight. That means it’s easier to transport them and more cost-effective to ship them to your location. Plus, when it comes time to move planters, for weather or design purposes, you don’t need an entire team of strong men and a forklift to get the job done. Our planters are 75% lighter than stone and other raw materials.

4. Little to No Maintenance

Maintenance is a hassle most people prefer to avoid. TerraCast planters are virtually maintenance free. You never need to paint or refurbish them, and it’s super simple to clean them. Our unique resin-based material is resistant to stains, discolorations, rust, corrosion, chips, pits, and cracks. Plus, it is treated with an UV inhibitor to reduce fading and corroding. Less maintenance equates to greater savings and fewer hassles—a win-win for everyone.

5. Planters are Resistant to Graffiti

Graffiti tags causing you headaches? Rest assured, our planters are easy to clean even from things like graffiti. All you need is a Mr. Magic Eraser and you can scrub away just about any stain.

6. Reputation Matters

TerraCast planters have a great reputation all around the US. As a vendor for the Department of Transportation in NYC, our planters sit front and center in Times Square, serving as a decorative safety barrier for pedestrians and auto traffic. We stop at nothing to protect our reputation and continually supersede expectations with high quality planters.

7. Customizable Planters

Our planters come in a variety of colors, including faux granite blends, bright colors, and so many different styles and shapes. If we don’t have exactly what you are seeking, there’s always the option to customize planters. We can create custom molds, colors, and branding—we make it easy to incorporate your logo, graphic design, slogan, you name it! 

8. Made in the USA

According to consumerreports.org, over 60% of Americans said they’d pay up to 10% more for a product made in the USA. Some people like the idea of promoting their local workforce, while others believe products made in the USA are of higher quality. Either way, your customers are sure to appreciate the fact these planters are made in the USA using sustainable practices like natural gas ovens and reclaimed water. 

9. Recyclable & Made from Up to 99% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

TerraCast planters are eternally recyclable and made from recycled materials. Darker color planters can be made using up to 99% post-consumer recycled materials. Plus, planters are incredibly long lasting and that’s sustainable in and of itself. Did we mention our products qualify for LEED credits? Learn more

Experience the Difference of TerraCast Planters!

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