4 Benefits of Using a Faux Stone Planter

4 Benefits of Using a Faux Stone Planter

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Planters come in plastic, stone, resin, metal, concrete, and more. However, all materials are not created equal. For instance, stone and concrete planters can easily be stained and fractured, plus they are extremely heavy. Yet, many people still want stone planters because of their beautiful appearance – that’s where faux stone planters come in handy.

As you contemplate which materials to use at your office or home, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of options out there. With that being said, there are quite a few reasons why we use a unique resin-based blend to create faux stone planters that look just like the real thing without all of the drawbacks of stone. Below, we will cover some of the benefits of faux stone planters. 

What is a Faux Stone Planter?

Resin is a type of composite blend plastic that can be used to resemble stone. This does not mean it is a weak material – it is created with a Linear Low-Density Polyethylene that goes through a complex heating process to ensure it is much more durable and elastic than the plastic used to make a grocery bag or cheap planter at your local hardware store. Resin is maintenance-free and can be created in any shape, size, or color you desire. Learn more about the benefits of resin

Let’s Explore 4 Benefits of Using Resin

#1. More Durable than Traditional Stone Planters

Resin can fluctuate in temperature without cracking, unlike stone and concrete. Whether it is a chilly -30 degrees out or a hot 130 degrees, our unique faux stone resin planters remain unchanged. Likewise, the resin can withstand impact and movement while allowing the plant to grow within it without being damaged.

Your landscape or garden can remain unchanged for many years when you use our resin planters. You can also count on your faux stone planter to last for a long time.

#2. Graffiti-Resistant & Resistant to Other Stains

We have all seen graffiti marring an otherwise beautiful landscape. When using resin planters, graffiti can be easily cleaned off with regular cleaners. That’s because, unlike stone, our resin-based planters are non-porous and do not absorb graffiti and stains beneath the top layer.  Other materials would need to be completely repainted or refinished to get rid of graffiti marks. If you are in a heavily trafficked area, utilizing a material that is easy to clean is even more important.

#3. Lightweight & Mobile

Shipping concrete, stone, and metal planters can be expensive. Resin is 9 to 10 times lighter than other materials and doesn’t require a team of people to move around. This alone makes faux stone planters much easier for landscaping setups that are constantly being adjusted. Or, simply for the installation process.

When you want to move a plant five feet to the left to make way for more bushes or need to redesign your garden layout, you don’t want to have to hire an entire crew just to be able to lift one single planter. Resin is an option that you will be able to move with relative ease and without an entire team of people.

#4. Made from Recyclable Materials

Our resin products are made with up to 99% recycled materials and can later be recycled themselves. Most materials used to craft planters are not created with the environment in mind. For those looking for an eco-friendly and green product, our resin planters are the answer.

Why Use Faux Stone Planters?

There are many different colors that you can choose from when you go with our beautiful faux stone planters. Additionally, we blend our resin with UV-12 inhibitors to ensure bright colors for a lifetime. With many different textured blends, faux stone planters can give you a unique look and feel that is exclusive to your landscape and garden!

TerraCast Products has been in operation for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in offering the best eco-friendly options the industry has to offer. Each one of our offices, warehouses, facilities, and factories stand proud on US soil. When you buy from TerraCast Products, you know you are getting the highest quality, and most environmentally friendly products available.

Get the look of stone with all the benefits of resin – browse our collection of resin-based planters.