The Benefits of Outdoor Resin Planters

The Benefits of Outdoor Resin Planters

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Taking the time to landscape your property might seem daunting, but the positive impact doing so can have on the overall perception of the building is worth it. The most important part of the process is picking the best elements to include in your space, and that includes things like planters. More than simple containers, planters come in all manner of materials and sizes and can be fashioned to fit just about any style imaginable.

At TerraCast, our resin planters are created from a composite blend containing linear low-density polyethylene. The unique formula of our resin promises planters which are virtually indestructible. Each planter is strong and durable, non-porous, and non-hydroscopic, ensuring optimal durability designed to withstand even extreme weather conditions without rusting, rotting, corroding, staining, warping, or staining.

4 Benefits of Outdoor Resin Planters

Finding the right planter can be overwhelming, but our resin solutions are sure to fit your needs while offering a plethora of benefits over lesser options.

1. Long-Lasting and Durable

One of the main reasons to opt for resin outdoor planters over other materials is resin’s ability to withstand the elements and maintain its color and shape over time. Planters made from other materials often begin to fail after a season or two of heavy rainstorms interlaced with bright, hot sunshine, but resin is up to the task. Instead of spending money replacing planters every season or two, choose outdoor resin planters which are designed to last a long time without  replacement or repair.

2. Easy Care

In addition to being durable, resin planters are quite easy to clean and maintain. Plus, because resin features a UV Inhibitor, it won’t fade, peel, or chip. This is especially true when compared to stone or tile, which can easily become discolored and require quite a bit of scrubbing to clean, and fiberglass, which requires waxing twice annually to protect the material and its appearance. Resin planters only need a quick wash when they become dirty, and oftentimes require no scrubbing at all. This is particularly useful when you know the planters will be spending their time outdoors and always at the mercy of nature.

3. Impeccable Style

One thing our customers often have trouble with before coming to us is finding the right planter to suit their style. Some are searching for a minimalist style that allows attention to flow to the plants themselves while others are hoping for something a bit more ornate and dramatic. Whatever you have in mind, resin planters can deliver. If you’re hoping for planters that fade into the background and provide unobtrusive ambience or prefer options that steal the show and becomes a centerpiece of your outdoor space, we have the perfect style to meet your needs. That’s the beauty of resin – it’s completely customizable and can be tailored to your specific situation.

4. Sturdy and Lightweight

It might sound like a bit of a contradiction to call something both sturdy and lightweight, but it’s true when it comes to resin planters. They are sturdy enough to stand up to even powerful wind gusts without being overly heavy. This is important to note because heavier materials like stone can become incredibly unwieldy after you add soil, plants, and water to the planter itself, making it difficult to move or maintain. Resin doesn’t present those challenges and allows the customer to move and clean the planter at will.

Don’t waste your time and money on planters that will need to be replaced or repaired every season. Instead, opt for quality the first time around! Outdoor resin planters are perfect for your space and will provide style as well as function to any area. They’ll also save you money in repairs and maintenance costs down the road.