Golf Course Site Furnishings

4 Golf Course Site Furnishings That’ll Make Your Course More Desirable

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Comfortable seating, adequate lighting fixtures and nice golf club furnishings can all be used to make your golf club more desirable. Golfers have ample options when selecting a golf course to join or play at, in order to make your course the most desirable option it’s all about the details.

Of course, the overall uniqueness and difficulty of your course are important as well. But golfers also need to feel at home and comfortable while enjoying a day out on the greens. Installing the right site furnishings plays an important part in how nice your course appears, and how much people are willing to pay to become a member or play a round of golf.

Here Are Recommended Golf Course Site Furnishings

1. Comfortable Seating For Golfers

Add comfortable seating around your club or course and make sure to locate benches in shaded areas. This makes your course all around more comfortable to hang out at. Make sure benches have full backs. It’s no secret that elderly men and women enjoy golfing just as much as the younger crowds, so make sure all of your benches and seats accommodate older bodies that may need a chair with a full back.

If your club includes a bar area where guests gather around to order drinks and appetizers, don’t forget to include plenty of comfy bar chairs, stools and benches for patrons to relax on.

We offer a wide variety of furnishings including durable chairs, benches, stools, tables as well as all-in-one table-and-bench designs. You have your pick from numerous styles including classic, rustic, country or all natural wood. We pay attention to every last detail to ensure long lasting products that look great for years to come. For instance, all of our metal pieces and bolts are coated with a protective layer to prevent corrosion.

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2. Lampposts & Landscape Lighting For Golf Courses

From tree ring lighting to lampposts, there are plenty of ways to add lighting to your golf course and club area. Golf games typically end by nightfall, but there are usually a few stragglers out on the course as the sun disappears. Make sure that your club caters to evening golfers by adding adequate lighting.

PolySteel Lamp Posts

Lampposts for golf courses must be strong enough to stand up to all kinds of wear and tear, such as getting struck with golf balls, rammed into by carts or hit by weed whackers. Our uniquely durable PolySteelTM lampposts are guaranteed to stand up to all of the above, plus more.

Pole Bases

Older light poles are often covered in marks, abrasions and rust that highlight wear and tear. If the actual pole is not that old, and still in overall good working condition, you don’t have to replace the entire fixture. Instead, it’s far more affordable to add one of our resin lamppost basses to the bottom of your lamppost. Not only does this help your lamppost look better, but also it extends its lifeline by protecting it from future damages. All of our pole bases easily affix to any standard light pole, protecting the metal pole and base.

The lower portions of poles are the most sensitive to damage because this is where moisture tends to seep in. Also, lower portions of lampposts are more susceptible to weed whackers and minor bumps from golf carts. All of these dangers lead to tiny fractures in the surface of the pole, allowing moisture to seep inside. All of this is possible because the average light pole is constructed with powder coated or enamel finishes which weathers and chips. Terracast light poles and pole bases are resin molded with color through material, making them much more impervious to the elements.

Tree Ring Lighting

Golf courses are all about going green, and so there are likely trees around your property. Tree ring lights add beauty and function to any course, as they can be used to highlight pretty focal points or walkways and paths. 

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3. Resin Planters For Golf Courses

Golf courses are all about greenery, after all the game of golf is played on ‘greens.’ Planters offer the ability to add even more greenery at different heights, which is appealing to the eye. Of course, there’s no need to add planters in the middle of your course, but planters make great accessories around the clubhouse, the entrance to the course and other key areas.

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4. Plenty of Receptacles For A Cleaner Course

No one picks a golf course based upon how many trashcans or receptacles they can count, but ultimately the number of trash cans and their overall convenience is important. Otherwise, litter will quickly become an issue, especially if you’re maintaining a public course that non-members regularly play on. Members essentially own a small piece of the course, and as a result they take more pride in its overall appearance. Non-members, on the other hand, are naturally less compelled to exert energy looking for a trashcan. 

Try to place recycling receptacles and regular trashcans near one another so that it is easy for people to recycle as needed. Receptacles are most important in areas that are prone to trash accumulation, such as near the bar or any area serving food or beverages. There should also be a nice assortment of receptacles spread throughout the property.

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