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5 Best Commercial Site Furnishings To Enhance Any Space

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These 5 commercial site furnishings will truly enhance the look and functionality of your business. While everyone wants to have the best collection of site furnishings, no one has an unlimited budget. That’s why it’s important to know which commercial site furnishings provide the most value for your buck.  Here are 5 options that will pay you back generously.

Northgate Bench.11. Commercial Benches

Providing benches for patrons and employees to sit on throughout your property, indoors and outdoors, makes for a quality investment. Not only to relax and smell the roses, but also to provide people with special physical and medical needs a place to sit down as needed.

Make sure to place benches where they will get the most use. You also need to decide what types of benches serve your space best. Just to name two of your many options, there are backless benches and benches with strong supportive backs. A way to identify your needs is to think about your target audience, what age are they, how physically mobile are they? While younger generations may not mind a backless bench, older adults may.

Color combos, personalized emblems and logos are other things to consider once you have your ideal benches and bench locations identified.

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32 Gallon Diamond Receptacle2. Commercial Receptacles 

Don’t forget the trashcans! Otherwise, all of the trash is going to end up in your planters and around your property. People need an easy place to toss their garbage to help prevent littering. You could also install recycling bins to help the Planet and show you strive to be a green company.

The rule of thumb is that all recycling bins should be placed in very close proximity to trash cans in order to promote people to actually use the appropriate bin.

The size, shape and color of a trashcan can attract the eye, helping people seek out the bin when needed. If people can’t find trashcans they are not going to use them.

Do a lot of your patrons or employees smoke cigarettes? If yes, there are special cigarette butt receptacles. These should be kept near any areas where people smoke.

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Standard Picnic Tables3. Commercial Picnic Tables

Picnic tables could be a great addition to your commercial space for multiple reasons. They may serve as a nice spot for customers to sit and converse, and they could also be used for employees that want to eat lunch on site. Picnic tables basically take picnic benches to the next level, giving people a place to prepare and eat food, balance a book, or get some extra work done outside. 

We offer a huge selection of picnic tables, from basic tables and chairs to tables with umbrellas and benches with fully supportive backs.

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Black 7 bike wave rack4. Commercial Bike Rack

Depending on where your business is located and the type of clientele you serve, a bike rack may or may not be worth the investment. If more than one customer rides up on a bike per day, it’s worth it. This is likely the case if you live in a college town or a busy city, but there are other bike-friendly parts of the country too. Offering patrons a safe place to store and lock up their bike makes them more likely to come back, and bring their bike-riding friends too.

There are many bike racks available, all of which can accommodate a different number of bikes. Do your research to figure out how many bikes your rack should be store at any one time. Bike racks do take up space and obviously cost money so it’s best to only install as many as you need.

We sell everything from 3 bike wave racks to 9 bike wave racks to accommodate all needs.

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Landscaping15. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are important because no business can operate without light, especially after dark. Lighting fixtures also serve an aesthetic purpose and when properly set up can even benefit the overall safety of your business. There are many lighting options, from discreet in-ground lighting to tree-ring lighting and full lampposts. Each serves a different purpose and looks great when you mix and match. Make sure to place lighting in all areas where people frequent after dark. All walking paths must be well lit, leaving no room for patrons to blame a lack of lighting on accidents or wandering off in the wrong direction. 

In-ground lighting offers a nice way to keep pathways bright, and so too do lampposts. All of our lampposts are made to the highest industry standards and can withstand everything from being pummeled with a weed whacker to being peed on by passing dogs. Plus, we use LED light bulbs that utilize less electricity and last much longer than traditional bulbs.

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Our tree ring lights are great because they can be made to match any tree trunk, where they easily clip around the base of the trunk and cast light in any direction you choose. Plus, they are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear, as they don’t rust or corrode.

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TerraCast Products produces commercial site furnishings made from the highest quality materials. Our products are manufactured in the USA using specially formulated manufacturing processes good enough to be approved for LEED certified projects. To give you peace of mind, we back our products with some of the longest warranties in the industry. We create custom and ready-to-order products that consistently wow our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can outfit your commercial space with the best site furnishings.