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7 Big Time Benefits Of Custom Site Furnishings

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The benefits to custom site furnishings include higher quality, less scarifies, longer lasting furniture, and increased functionality, plus so much more.

If you are considering custom site furnishings but are unsure if they are worth the higher price tag, you need to read these 7 big benefits to custom site furnishings before you make any decisions.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s a known fact that one or two truly dependable friends are better than many non-dependable friends. This same saying can also be referenced in regards to site furnishings. Mass produced furniture is not made to the same dependable quality as custom furniture made to your specifications. 

Custom site furnishings are entirely unique from everything on the market, meaning they are manufactured with more attention to detail and as a result are of higher quality.

BleachersThe goal of mass production is to get things done cheaper and cheaper all of the time so that companies increase profits year over year. This is not going to be the case with a single produced custom order because it is made to your specifications, meaning manufactures only take shortcuts approved by you. 

When your furniture is made of a higher quality it lasts longer and requires replacement less frequently, ultimately saving you money and hassles over time.

Make No Sacrifices, Get Exactly What You Want

Ordering custom site furnishings allows you to get exactly what you envision without making any scarifies. Many times a customer has something in their head that they want and so they embark on a long expedition looking through countless antique shops and furniture catalogues in hot pursuit.

Even if you do find the exact mass produced or antique item you envisioned, that doesn’t mean it will stand up to the necessary elements and make a quality piece of furnishing. Plus, when you’re talking about antiques you never know how much you will have to pay. Ordering exactly what you want via custom furnishing allows you to get the look you’re after with the durability you need. 

46 in Octagonal TableFurniture Made For Your Needs & Local Climate

Depending on what climate site furnishings will be placed in, the materials used to produce them should vary. When you order custom furniture you can explain to us the type climate you reside in and what sorts of wear and tear furniture will be exposed to. As a result, we can create the perfect furnishings for your location, capable of standing up to your unique conditions.

Alternatively, if you buy mass-produced furniture, you don’t really know what you are getting. Even if a certain piece has great online reviews, you may not agree with these people. For one, reviewers could live somewhere entirely different than you where weather is milder. Or, they could be using the same piece of furniture for a different purpose that doesn’t warrant as much wear and tear. For instance, if you follow the review of someone using a picnic bench in their private garden but you plan to place the same bench in a commercial location where tons of people will sit on it daily.

Increased Functionality

What do you need your site furnishings to do for you? The functionality of furniture relates to how people use and interact with it. Depending on your specific needs, the functionality of your furnishing will vary. For instance, additional storage, extra room for larger patrons, or smaller furnishing made for children are all things related to the functionality of furniture. When you buy mass-produced furniture your options are limited, but custom furniture allows you to accommodate unique needs and improve functionality.

Any Shape, Any Size

Trying to fit a chair in an oddly shaped corner space or fit a park bench on a weird hill beneath a tree? Life throws us all sorts of curve balls, but custom site furnishings allow you to easily catch them all. Custom site furnishings allow you to work around trickier spaces, turning lemons into lemonade. 

Keep Up With Themes & Identifiable Styles

All spaces, be they a public playground or a commercial seating area, benefit from a design theme that people can identify with and remember. It’s difficult to maintain a steady theme or color scheme if the furniture you purchase does not offer options in regards to colors, materials and styles.

When you go with our custom site furnishings your options are endless, in fact even our standard site furnishings come in a huge variety of colors, sizes, shapes and styles. We offer every customization you could ever want, including implementation of names and logos onto any site furnishings.

Custom Site Furnishings Save Time

Time is something we can never get enough of, which is why custom furnishings really rock! Ordering custom furniture is guaranteed to save you a whole lot of time looking for something that may or may not exist. By ordering custom you get things done how they should be without trying to come up with complicated solutions. 

TerraCast Products guarantees the highest quality custom site furnishings for clients big and small. Contact us today to get a quote for your next project!

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