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7 Inspirational Ideas For Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

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Outdoor LED Landscape LightingLighting adds a whole new level to any landscape. Lighting provides enhanced safety for people wandering around outside past dark, it deters criminals, and it can also turn bland landscaping into ‘wow.’ Lighting helps you show off the best features of your landscape long after the sun disappears to the other side of the world.

LED is the future of lighting technology, in fact it’s surprising that people still rely on any other form of landscape lighting. LED, or light emitting diode bulbs, offer the most eco-friendly, affordable and reliable option on the market. Unlike other forms of lighting, LED light bulbs do not waste time and energy heating up or cooling down, this also means they don’t overheat. LED lighting is proven to last much longer than other forms of light as well, meaning you save money and time changing out light bulbs.

LED lighting can offer your landscaping a whole lot of perks! Here are 7 inspirational ideas for outdoor LED landscape lighting that looks as great as it operates.

1. Landscape Lighting Placement

Some people want to add lighting to landscaping strictly for safety purposes, and to guide the way. This causes some landscape designs to include lighting fixtures in rather random locations. Instead of placing lighting just anywhere, focus on locating the key standout elements of a property. What part of the yard is the best looking? Which features do you want to emphasize even after darkness falls?

A pretty statue, water feature, or bed of beautiful flowers can remain highlighted all day and night with lighting features. Locate the central elements of your landscaping to find ideal lighting locations.

2. Well-Spaced Lighting Features For Pathways

A common issue landscapers face is overdoing the amount of lighting. You don’t need too many lighting fixtures all clustered together. For instance, lighting features that are located along the sides of a path or trail do not need to be very close in proximity; instead they can be well spread out in order to better draw the eye down the path.

Remember, you are not lighting a path for an airplane to land on, and so you don’t need the entire path to be completely aglow. Instead you can focus every other light on the surrounding landscape interchangeably with lights focused on the walkway.

3. Mix Up Different Lighting Styles

You don’t have to use the same exact lighting fixtures throughout your entire landscape. Have some fun and mix up different lighting features, even within the same area or highlighting the same path. If you want to avoid cookie cutter landscaping this is a great way to break things up and create a more unique appeal.

4. Keep Landscaping Colorful Even At Night

By placing lighting features near colorful accents in your yard you will keep the color alive even after the sun disappears. A pretty patch of grass accented in bright flowers will disappear into the darkness, but not with well-placed lighting features. Lighting that is located in or near plant beds can start to lose some of its brightness as plants overgrow around it. Be sure and cut back foliage regularly to keep lighting fixtures shinning as brightly as intended.

5. Light Up The Trees With Tree Ring Lights

Tree ring lighting offers a great way to make your lush trees glow in the dark, while also providing a ray of light to surrounding areas. This is a great option if your landscape has trees that outline a pathway or staircase. Tree ring lights endure a considerable amount of wear and tear out exposed in the elements, for this reason resin lighting fixtures are best because they do not rust or corrode.

Another popular tactic you can use is moon lighting. By placing lights way up high within the limbs of trees a very unique look is created. The light shines out of the foliage, creating the appearance of naturally bright moonlight. Placing lighting as high as 30-40 feet up in a tree provides the most natural appearance, and keeps the actual lighting feature out of sight. Even this high up, the light provided can brighten up nearby pathways, eliminating the need for ground lighting features. (See here)

6. Light Up The Patio In Unexpected Ways

Patio lighting is a necessity if you want to ever use your patio after dark. You can simply place a lighting fixture off to the side, attach a dangling chandelier light to the ceiling, or you can add more discreet lighting for an unexpected surprise. If you have an outdoor patio you can add specially made bulbs to the overhead beams for a naturally bright addition. Lighting up the patio helps accentuate the space when looking at it from the curb, as well as from inside.

7. Waterfall Full Of Light

Submerged lighting at the bottom of an outdoor waterfall or pond creates a truly incredible look that keeps your water features grabbing attention even in the dark. When placed just right, a waterfall suddenly appears to be a pool of glittering light. Plus, the surrounding landscape stands out better due to the glow of the lights.

The Perfect Landscape Lighting For You

Different lighting options can provide a different color tone to your landscape. There are warm and cool color tones available, and overall brightness also depends on the location the bulb is placed. Talking with a professional can help you determine the best wattage output and location for ideal landscape lighting.

When creating a plan for lighting up your yard you want to think carefully about all spaces and where lighting is most needed. Key places to include lighting features include:

  • Planting beds, keep fixtures placed about 20-feet apart
  • Garden walls, fixtures positioned near the base of a wall better highlight surrounding colors and textures.
  • On or around trees
  • Attached to the outside of a home or building
  • Attached or near any focal point, such as a fountain, statue, tree swing, arbor, etc.

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