7 Things to Know Before Installing a Driveway Lamppost

7 Things to Know Before Installing a Driveway Lamppost

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Aside from high quality light, what do you expect from a driveway lamppost? Perhaps longevity, durability and style rank on your list of important lamppost qualities. There are a lot of options out there and while some lampposts are made to last a long time, others only claim to withstand the elements.

For the most part, lampposts spend their entire existence outside without any protection from the elements. The materials used to manufacture a lamppost can make all the difference in how it holds up. You might be surprised how short-lived many popular lamppost materials are. Wood is notorious for warping, while metal is quick to corrode and concrete has rebar that rusts from the inside out. That’s why we created a resin lamppost that is non-porous, highly durable, and can easily outlast the competition.

#1. What is the Lamppost Made Of?

Before you fork over money for a lamppost identify what it’s made of and how long it is expected to last. Otherwise, you might find yourself continually repairing and replacing lampposts—and no one has time or money for that.

Our resin lampposts are the most durable and sustainable option out there. We credit the materials used and our detailed manufacturing process which takes place right here in the USA. TerraCast Light Poles have a Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin (LLDPE) exterior that measures a solid quarter-inch thick. LLDPE resin is specially formulated to withstand years of natural exposures in the outdoors. The inner core is made of galvanized steel or fiberglass, which is surrounded by a protective layer of polyurethane foam to prevent corrosion.

#2. Driveway Lamppost Style is Important

What style lamppost goes best with your landscape design? It’s common to generalize lampposts as “one in the same” but in truth there are many different style options to choose from. Good-looking lighting fixtures should serve two purposes: first, they make a style statement during the day and they light the way at night.

Our light poles come in several different pieces so you can create the ideal look for your landscaping. You can select a base, luminaries, finials and caps, as well as a pole. We also offer full pre-made lamppost sets. Lampposts may feature 1-5 lights in a variety of styles and shapes. As you’ll see browsing through our wide selection of lampposts, there’s something for every style.

#3. Will It Stain?

Graffiti, bird poop, a splash of paint during a fence-painting party—there are countless ways a fresh light pole ends up doted in stains. The key is to purchase light poles that are easy to clean and do not absorb stains beneath the top layer.

Because our lampposts are non-porous and non-hydroscopic, they do not absorb moisture, paint, dirty water, or spray paint. This makes it MUCH easier to remove stains. In fact, a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Wipe can remove just about any mark from our resin lampposts.

#4. Is There a Warranty on Lampposts?

Find out what type of warranty lampposts are backed by before making an investment. Our entire collection of lighting products is backed by an industry-standard three-year warranty.

#5. How Much Maintenance Does It Require?

Most lampposts require maintenance in the form of sanding, re-painting, pressure washing stains, and so forth. If you’re looking to spend as little time as possible cleaning up and maintaining lighting fixtures, you’ll be glad to know that our lampposts are resistant to chips, cracks, rust, and corrosion. As a result, they are virtually maintenance-free.

#6. LED is the Way to Be

Another way to reduce maintenance is to invest in LED lighting fixtures. LED light bulbs use a mere fraction of the energy traditional incandescent bulbs use. Plus, they can last up to 50x longer, which reduces how often you need to purchase new bulbs to replace old ones.

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#7. Stop Replacing Old Light Poles

Are your old light poles in dire need of repair or replacement? Did you know there are other alternatives to replacing or repairing light poles?

Lamppost damage is often centered around the bottom of the pole due to heightened exposures to sprinklers, dog urine, and impact damage at this level. Our unique Light Post Base offers an ideal and economical solution to damaged or unsightly lamppost bases.

Our Light Post Base fits most standard sized lampposts and is easy to attach over existing structures. The resin exterior prevents water, and even dog pee, from seeping in and further corroding the fixture. Therefore, it helps stop damage in its tracks.

As we like to say, if you can’t replace it, re-base it! Learn more about our unique resin lamppost bases https://www.terracastproducts.com/light-post-base/

Stop Painting or Replacing Old Aluminum Light Poles

What if it’s not just the bottom of your lamppost, but the entire pole that needs help? Meet the

Slip Over Sleeve, a unique hollow resin “sleeve” specially designed to slip over old or rusty aluminum poles. Sleeves offer enhanced aesthetics by covering up rusty-looking poles, but that’s not all, they also feature a beautiful fluted design.

There’s no need to waste time or money sanding and repainting or rebuying a new pole; adding a Slip Over Sleeve is more economical and efficient.

Learn more about our Slip Over Sleeve for existing aluminum poles