9 Great Landscaping Ideas For Small Businesses

9 Great Landscaping Ideas For Small Businesses

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The best landscaping ideas for your small business should be customized to your company and mission. After all, commercial landscaping is an extension of your business and brand. No matter what, you’ll have to pay for sod, grass, plants, etc., so why not make your money go as far as possible? The following landscaping ideas for small businesses virtually pay for themselves by improving the look and feel of your commercial location, as well as attracting more customers.

Landscaping Ideas For Your Business

#1. Share How You Care About the Environment

If your brand is even a little bit concerned with reducing carbon footprint and preserving the planet, you can showcase this dedication in your landscaping. For instance, if you add drought resistant landscaping, show it off with a little sign parked amongst foliage that highlights how much water you save each year thanks to native or drought-resistant landscaping.

#2. Brand Your Landscaping

A small business that sells dirt bikes should have vastly different landscaping than a business that offers yoga classes. If the mission of your brand is all about Zen, create a Zen garden or incorporate other landscape elements that provoke thoughts and feelings of peace and tranquility. On the other hand, if your business is all about being badass, plant some cactus, puya chilensis, or other aggressive-looking foliage.

Pro tip: If you decide to plant anything with spikes or sharp thorns, make sure it is well-off the beaten path so that nobody bumps into it. Additionally, you could add a sign that reads something along the lines of, “Don’t touch, ouch, danger…”

#3. Make Your Customers Want to Sit & Stay a While

Provide comfortable seating via benches, garden chairs, etc., and place them in shady locations under trees or overhangs. Great landscaping looks good, but superior landscaping looks and functions so well that people want to stay and hang out.

Depending on the nature of your business, seating areas may or may not be as important. Even if your customers rarely sit on benches, they provide your employees with a comfortable place to kick back and relax on their lunch breaks. Your employees are just as important as your customers, if not more so. Researchers have found time and time again that employees who work at well-maintained businesses surrounded in greenery are happier and have higher morale than employees working in run-down offices with no greenery.

#4. Add Pathways, Planters & Other Accessories to Guide the Flow of Traffic

You want your patrons moving in the right direction, towards your entrance, and well-designed commercial landscaping can help with that. Adding appropriate pathways, planters, and other accessories helps show your customers where to walk to access your entrance, bathrooms, etc. Many businesses add signs along the way to further confirm patrons are moving in the right direction.

#5. Personalize Your Planters

Add your logo, brand name, or slogan to planters to remind everyone who you are and what you stand for. Our long lasting and highly durable planters can be personalized in almost every single way, including the addition of logos or other graphics for a nominal fee.

#6. Invest in Commercial Lighting Fixtures Made to Last

Your commercial landscaping plan isn’t complete without lighting fixtures. A variety of lighting fixtures provides all over coverage. Lighting also helps highlight the most important areas of your property—such as signs, bathrooms, main offices, etc.

In-ground lighting, tree-ring lighting, lampposts, you have so many options to choose from. Mixing and matching lighting fixtures helps move the eye around your landscaping and gives your property more depth.

Lighting fixtures improve safety after dark, but also, they can add aesthetics during the day if you go with high quality and good looking lighting fixtures. Unfortunately, traditional lampposts start to break down rather quickly and can start to look like a corroded eyesore instead of a nice feature. Worst case scenario, a badly corroded lamppost can fall over without warning, potentially injuring someone. That’s why our lampposts are made entirely different than the competition, offering a truly long lasting lighting fixture that’ll look great for years to come. Made right here in the USA, our lampposts resist rust and corrosion and are proven to outlast the competition.

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#7. Add a Living Wall

A living wall is a beautiful and striking statement piece people will associate with your business. Living walls can be relatively easy to maintain, especially when you plant foliage inside of our easy to attach wall planters. A living wall transforms basic concrete walls into beautiful works of art. They can also hide unattractive fencing or increase privacy. There are so many ways to win with a living wall.

#8. Use as Many Native Plants as Possible

Planting native plants that require little to no watering is cost effective and reduces landscape maintenance. On the other hand, non-native foliage is a lot pickier and you’re in for a lot more work than you likely bargained for.

#9. Invest in High Quality Site Furnishings

From benches to planters and lighting fixtures too, we have the highest quality commercial site furnishings for commercial landscaping. After all, our planters reside in some of the most heavily trafficked places in the US, such as Times Square in NYC.

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