New York’s Diversity Plaza Revamp Will Feature TerraCast Planters

New York’s Diversity Plaza Revamp Will Feature TerraCast Planters

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New York’s Diversity Plaza, located at 37th Road between 73rd and 74th Street, is undergoing major renovations, which began on April 17, 2017. The project is expected to wrap up by June 2018.

We are so excited to announce our planters will be featured at this vibrant public space, which will accommodate a lot of pedestrian traffic each day. Our planters were selected because of their unsurpassed durability, as well as resistance to graffiti, impact damage, sun, heat, and cold. These things are important because planters must stand up to daily wear and tear from natural elements, as well as heavy foot traffic.

The Department of Transportation’s Plaza Program, which began in 2011, set the wheels in motion for this project to take place. The Diversity Plaza project is currently overseen by the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

The goal of the project is to improve pedestrian and auto traffic, beautify the plaza, and add street lighting. Additionally, there are plans to add bike parking, trees, art space, moveable planters (that’s us!), and moveable furniture too. After everything is said and done, officials estimate the project will cost a total of $4,450,000. That might seem like a steep toll, but it offers a lot of benefits.

Why is New York’s Diversity Plaza project important?

-It will realign the streets and improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

-It will limit traffic speeds so that they fall in line with Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative.

-It will add enhancements to the plaza so that the area looks prettier and more appealing.

-It will upgrade existing street lights for added safety.

-Increases local real estate value near the Plaza

-Additionally, it should reduce crime by boosting community morale.

When a community looks good, the people that live there naturally take more pride in their home base. Boosts to community morale have been proven to reduce crime. According to CityLab, ( independent studies conducted in the cities of Youngstown, Philadelphia and Baltimore noted that certain types of crime decreased when more greenery was introduced to urban areas.

What is the DOT NYC Plaza Program?

DOT works with qualified organizations to transform underused streets throughout the city into vibrant social places that are open to the public. The overarching goal is to create a city where every resident can walk 10-minutes or less to a nice open space.

The application process is competitive, even for the most eligible organizations. Sites receive priority if they have no nearby open space to speak of. DOT only works with organizations that have a proven plan in place to continue on-site maintenance after the project is complete.

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Why TerraCast Planters?

There are a few simple reasons why our planters were picked for this exciting project, which is expected to brighten the lives of all who live nearby.

-They are virtually impossible to break. Toss them from the top of a building, run into them with a bike or a golf cart, our durable planters can handle it all.

-They are portable and lightweight. This was a requirement for the planters at this site, as the designers envisioned portable planters and site furnishings. Despite how hardcore TerraCast Planters are, they are surprisingly lightweight. Bonus perk: this reduces initial shipping/delivery costs.

-Resistant to graffiti. Graffiti is most common in urban areas, so it only makes sense to use non-porous planters that are resistant to graffiti.

-They are maintenance free. Dogs can pee on them, floods can soak them, these non-porous planters are made tough enough to shine bright through it all with little to no maintenance.

-Long lasting. Our planters can outlast the competition by a long shot, which means they will remain in good condition for many years to come.

-Self-watering option. All our planters come with the option to add an attachable self-watering basin for reduced plant maintenance.

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