Affordable Ways to Fix Light Poles

Affordable Ways to Fix Light Poles

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Outdoor lighting is very important, both for commercial and residential purposes. It complements your property and most importantly keeps the intruders away. In a commercial premise, lighting plays an important role in attracting potential customers and making a space functional at night. It improves the visibility of the surrounding area and sends the message that the area is safe. 

Unfortunately, many of the common light poles on the market have inherent issues impacting their longevity. 

Rusting Base

Unfortunately, the protective finish on metal light poles doesn’t last for eternity. Due to weather elements, landscaping damage, pet urination, and more, it can degrade the protective finish of a base pretty quickly.  Resulting with the metal being in the open and rusting beginning.

Once a  metal base is exposed to the elements and begins to rust, it will degrade quickly. Underneath the decorative base are core structural mounting elements that will also be subject to rust and degradation. This could lead to the structural rigidity to be compromised and could eventually lead to the pole collapsing. Obviously this is a big issue that could lead to loss of property and even cause personal injury. 


To remedy this situation you have several options. You could replace the entire pole with our products or any of the complete poles that are offered on the market. This is costly because its a more expensive overall product, its larger which leads to higher shipping costs, and its labor intensive to remove the old pole and install a new one.  

The second option is to rebase the existing pole with a high quality resin base from us. These bases are made using a clamshell design so they literally clamp around the existing pole and can be installed  quickly and inexpensively. Being that it is a resin product it will last a lifetime with only minimal maintenance making this by far the best and most economical solution. 

Poor Installation 

Unfortunately, even a high quality pole can have a short lifespan if it is installed incorrectly. If the pole does not have a proper foundation they can lean over time which is unsightly and also a liability. 


Using a qualified installer is the only real remedy of a poor installation. They will be able to evaluate the situation and see if there is any damage to the existing pole structure. If the pole needs to be replaced we recommend using a high quality pole and a TerraCast Products resin base. Our base will guarantee long life of the base as well as stand up to the harsh outdoor elements. 

Unattractive Base

Usually the pole section of a light pole have similar decoration in some kind of a flute pattern or just a flat finish. More and more municipalities are requiring some kind of a decorative finish for poles, such as a fluted design. However, the bases can be very different in the designs that are offered. Also, since they are ground level they are usually the most seen part of the pole itself. If your poles have base designs that you simply do not like, there are a few options to easily remedy this. 

Also, since the base is ground level they usually take the brunt of any damage that is rendered to the light pole. Dents, chips, scratches, rusting, discoloration, graffiti, etc, usually are seen on the base rather than the pole itself. 


If the base is your only area of concern you do not need to replace the entire light pole. Luckily, TerraCast Products makes an easy to install clamshell base in a variety of colors and designs. The visual impact of rebasing your existing poles cannot be understated. It can provide a massive improvement to your light poles. These durable and long lasting products will also protect the core mounting structure of the pole. 

Final Take 

Light pole issues are quite a menace, especially if the problems are structural-related. Fortunately, there are affordable solutions at your disposal. First and foremost being the replacement of the pole’s base. As long as the pole is found to be structurally sound and not in need of replacing, a new base will completely transform the look of your light poles. 

Re-basing your existing light poles is a worthwhile investment into your property. If you are looking for a resin bases to revamp light poles on your property, contact TerraCast Products.