Benefits of a Small Cell Concealment

Benefits of a Small Cell Concealment

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Unveiling 5G networks calls for a celebration. Unfortunately, they can be an eyesore, especially now that they have to be installed at a street level. Luckily, that’s not an issue any more thanks to small cell concealment products. 

Providing the 5G service requires the deployment of over a million nodes. Currently, we are at the 300k mark with a long way to go as per Ericsson Studies. But that’s not even the problem, because the progress has been steady. Since these pieces of equipment are going to be almost everywhere in public spaces, aesthetics is at stake. 

5G requires many nodes that are at ground level. There is no easy way of getting around the reality that these items will be seen by the public. To have reliable 5G coverage, you need them in your most frequented city/town areas. This can pose a real problem for cities and towns that have a concern about aesthetics in these various areas. For example, a downtown area might be striving to maintain its historic appeal for tourism. When you install a bunch of these 5G nodes, they’ll ruin the overall appeal. 

The solution is small cell concealment products from TerraCast. We offer a variety of items that can transform the look of a small cell tower. From slip over fluted sleeves to decorative bases, we have whatever you need to increase the appeal of a small cell tower installation. 

The Advantage of Small Cell Concealments

  • Low Maintenance

While there are benefits to investing in the network distribution business, there’s a downside to it as well. Due to the sheer number of these nodes, maintenance required items should be kept at a minimum. Thankfully, our line of small cell concealment products are all crafted with resin.  They are very durable and require very little maintenance. 

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

For small cells to provide a 5G network, the installation is usually done at ground or low level. That means anyone can see them. To deal with this issue, especially now that these cells will be virtually everywhere, aesthetics is crucial. The aesthetic of the concealments helps turn the small cells from being an eyesore into beauties. Following the local authority guideline, you can design an eye pleasing 5G network. 

  • Adhering to Local Regulations

Most urban centers and rural regions have a specific set of guidelines when it comes to small cell installation. Most popular being aesthetics and noise limits. Therefore, concealments play an important role in ensuring the 5G network rollout is uninterrupted. Aesthetics is a major consideration, local authorities in the urban and rural areas require telecom equipment to be inconspicuous. Therefore, to install the 5G infrastructure in a public space, you must have a concealment plan in place. 

  • Compatible with telecom equipment

It’s important to note that cell concealments have other functions besides aesthetics. They must be designed in a way that they do not affect the telecom equipment or functionality of the network. A company who has relationships and experience making products for the Telecom industry is key. TerraCast Products has made sure that our products meet the telecom industry standards and can ensure our resin products will not disrupt the functionality of the 5G equipment.  

Getting Started 

Want to uphold the requirements for setting up small cells in public spaces? Well, you can contact TerraCast Products  to discuss our small cell concealment products. We carry various types of small cell concealments products with different colors, designs and specifications. These products will make sure you have an aesthetically pleasing installation that meets your municipality’s standards.