Benefits of Self-Watering Planters for City Squares and Other Public Locations

Benefits of Self-Watering Planters for City Squares and Other Public Locations

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When it comes to outfitting city squares and other public spaces with planters, low maintenance is your key to success. That’s why self-watering planters offer a plethora of benefits to shopping centers, public plazas, and just about anywhere that the public frequents on a daily basis.

Dead, brown, or yellow plants are an eyesore – and the last thing anyone wants in a public space is an eyesore. Self-watering planters can help prevent plants from discoloring, largely because discoloration often relates to too much or too little water.  This is just one of the many benefits self-watering planters offer.

What Do Self-Watering Planters Do?

To understand how beneficial self-watering planters truly are, it’s important to understand what they bring to the plant.

It’s easy for plant roots to become overly dry or overly wet in a traditional planter. It makes sense – the water drains down through the plant soil and then sits at the bottom – where the roots remain soaked and at risk of rotting.

This is why people often drill holes at the bottom of planters to let excess water drain out. Although, this leads to wasted water, nutrient loss, and puts the plant at a greater risk for drying out.

A self-watering planter is different in that it collects all of the water that moves through the soil in a basin located beneath the roots, preventing them from soaking in it. More basic self-watering systems require you to empty the basin back over the plant to reuse the water.

Our unique reservoir system takes it a step further, allowing water to naturally flow back up to the roots as needed and preventing the plant from becoming dehydrated – with no work needed on your part. The self-watering reservoir attachment can be added to any of our planters, as well as planters made by other manufacturers. Check them out and learn more here.

3 Benefits of Self-Watering Planters for City Squares

While self-watering planters offer a whirlwind of benefits no matter where they are applied, they are uniquely advantageous for public locations like city squares where plant health and appearance are of utmost importance.

Save Water

Saving water is a mission most cities have embarked upon by now, and self-watering planters help you accomplish just that.

For one, water is reused instead of excess water draining out through a hole in the bottom of the planter and going to waste.

Plus, you don’t have to water as much with self-watering planters, even when maintaining thirsty crops like strawberries and dwarf fruit trees.

Reduce Maintenance

Lowering maintenance is ideal and can even save money, yet another reason self-watering planters make such a great option for city squares, shopping centers, and other public places. If there’s a long weekend or a holiday where workers do not come out to the property, it’s far less of an issue because self-watering planters are great at taking care of themselves.

With our self-watering reservoir system, plants can go weeks without any manual watering, even during the hottest months of the year. As long as there is water in the reservoir, the self-controlled water cycle will continue.

Improves the Look & Health of Plants

Good looking plants translates to good looking spaces. Self-watering planters help promote this by improving root health and the overall appearance of plants. Shallow watering contributes to shallow root growth, which can stunt the beauty of a plant.

Self-watering planters help ensure that the root system is getting adequate water. Strong root systems result in larger stems and thicker branches with more flowering foliage and fruit.

Plus, by preventing roots from soaking in water you remove the risk of root rot and further improve the look and health of plants.

In addition, the water that drains to the bottom of the reservoir is rich in nutrients that it takes with it from the soil. This makes the water more nutritious when it is applied back into the soil. It also helps reduce the loss of natural nutrients in the soil.

When water simply drains out of the plant, it is common to deal with issues related to a loss of nutrients – which adds more maintenance on your plate because additional nutrients must be added to the soil more often.

Benefits of TerraCast’s Self-Watering Planters

TerraCast’s self-watering system will save you time and money, while helping your plants thrive. While basic self-watering planters can go days without needing attention, our unique reservoir system allows you to take weeks between watering plants.

Our self-watering system is made right here in the USA using our durable and long-lasting resin material, the same trusted material used to craft our planters.

Thanks to the availability of four different sizes, our self-watering reservoir fits planters of any shape or size – simply add to your existing planters! Learn more