Is Resin a Green Material? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Plastic is not necessarily viewed as a green material, and yet our unique resin-based products qualify for LEED Credits. While resin is a type of plastic, it’s much different in several fundamental ways. Our resin is a composite blend that is rotationally molded into incredibly durable and flexible products that can be made to look like just about anything, from stone to metal.

Resin Vs. Other Types of Plastic

Grocery bags are made of plastic and they are so far from eco-friendly that they are polluting our oceans. That’s because they are made from a very thin and weak plastic that is virtually impossible to recycle and reuse. Plus, they are only used one or two times before they are tossed out with the garbage. As a result, we use an overwhelming number of them, which only adds to the problem.

Another example is a cheap plastic planter at your local gardening store. This is also made from thin plastic that easily breaks and is likely to end up in a landfill since it would be very difficult to recycle it into something new. Plus, it also breaks relatively quickly, meaning it only has a couple years of life to offer before it turns into junk.

On the other hand, resin is a green material. Our resin-based planters are entirely different thanks to the unique process we use to manufacture them. For instance, they last a long time and can be recycled when they are no longer usable. 

At TerraCast, we use a process known as Rotational Molding. We begin with a Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), this is a true Resin blend that starts off in powder form. We superheat it so that it turns into a liquid that can be poured into a mold and then slowly cooked. This is what makes our products incredibly durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear without breaking, cracking, or shattering.

4 Reasons Resin is a Green Material

Our Resin-based Products Last a Really Long Time

This is reason number one why resin is considered “green.” A product that can truly surpass the test of time reduces strain on the environment by decreasing how often it needs to be re-manufactured and replaced.

It Is Recyclable

The resin we utilize in the manufacturing process largely consists of recycled material. When a product finishes its lifecycle, it can be melted back down to its original powder base and then used to re-make another planter or lamppost.

Our darker colors are made from as much as 100% post-consumer recycled materials, and this is how they qualify for LEED points and credits.

It is Made Using Earth-Conscious Practices

Manufactured right here in the USA, we strive to use sustainable practices throughout our manufacturing process. For one, we use reclaimed water in our cooling chambers and natural gas to heat our ovens. In addition, we use recycled materials whenever possible.

As a supporter of the US Green Building Council, and their green building initiative, we are dedicated to helping businesses complete LEED certified projects through the use of our sustainable products.

Lightweight & Locally Made

Because our products are made right here in the USA, fewer resources are required to transport products to their destination. This saves fuel and other natural resources. In addition, our products are surprisingly lightweight, especially considering how strong they are. This means it takes less fuel power to transport them -saving you money and helping reduce the burden on our beautiful planet.

Another benefit to making our products here is that it is one less product made in factories overseas with poor oversight. Low safety standards in other countries make for cheaper production costs, but in exchange, our Planet foots the bill, forced to process toxic chemicals that are often disposed of in harmful ways. 

Other Benefits of Resin:

  • Non-hydroscopic – that means our products will not absorb moisture, which is the leading cause of damage to similar products.
  • No maintenance required – Treated with a UV inhibitor, it is resistant to fading, peeling, chipping, and corroding.
  • Resistant to graffiti – because our unique resin-blend is non-hydroscopic, it does not absorb graffiti beneath the top layer. Therefore, it’s as easy as using some elbow grease to remove graffiti.
  • Lightweight and easy to move – imagine getting beautiful planters that look like stone but are lightweight enough to move on your own.
  • Flexible enough to resist a great deal of impact damage
  • Completely customizable, can be made to imitate the look of many different materials. We offer a wide range of standard colors but can create a custom color of any shade. Want to add your logo or graphic? No problem! We even create custom molds.
  • Best of all, it’s eco-friendly, recyclable, and made in the USA!

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