Benefits of Outdoor Plants

Benefits of Outdoor Plants

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Regardless of the season, spending time outdoors in nature has health benefits. The fresh air, flowers, and plants evoke a sense of happiness. Further, the assortments of colorful flowers and the green foliage plus fascinating shapes tend to trigger mental relaxation. 

That said, interacting with plants has an impact on our neural pathways. ‘Cause of that, we experience joy. While a walk in the park can trigger the same feeling, it doesn’t beat that of a private garden. On that note, here are some of the benefits of outdoor plants:

  • Helps with Mental Relaxation

Mental wellness is as important as physical wellness. Therefore, interacting with outdoor plants can help you with mental relaxation and well-being. Further, it’s powerful when it comes to relieving anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Also, did you know that green plants can help with lowering hypertension? Yes, the green color triggers a neural response that helps counteract rising blood pressure. 

  • Ecotherapy

Ever heard of ecotherapy? Well, outdoor plants can help you with that. Thanks to this form of therapy, you can appreciate personal growth, individual healing, and psychotherapeutic healing. It also helps participants foster an eco-friendly lifestyle. Besides, it can also help people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

  • Enhance the Immune System

While we all know the vitamin D we get from the sun helps with flu and cold. But, the dirt from the garden is also helpful health-wise. By interacting with the garden soil, you’ll get a daily dose of Mycobacterium vaccae. This healthy bacterium gets into your body via eating veggies or inhalation. And it helps relieve asthma, allergies, and psoriasis symptoms. 

  • Encourages Healthy Eating 

Besides flowers as your outdoor plants, you can also grow vegetables, spices, and fruits. Thanks to that, you can enjoy a healthier diet. And if you have kids, this is one way you can encourage them to eat healthy foods. Further, planting and harvesting from your garden mean you can control what’s used on them. As such, it’s a chance to avoid foods sprayed with harmful pesticides.  

  • Helps with Social Interactions

Spending more time interacting with outdoor plants can help with social interactions, especially if you’re poor at making friends. Thanks to such interactions, you can fight loneliness and depression. In addition, you can always stop by the community garden for more inspiration when you’re free. It allows you to get new ideas you can incorporate into your home garden. And that’s beside the new friends you’ll make there. 

  • It counts as an Exercise

Daily exercises can help improve general flexibility, endurance, and most importantly, the health of your heart. Spending a few minutes taking care of your outdoor plants can help lower the chance of getting certain illnesses. And that includes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure. And for those with any of these diseases, you can minimize their symptoms thanks to outdoor plants. 

  • Promotes a good night’s sleep

Having a good sleep sometimes can be hard, especially if many things are bothering your mind. However, if you work in your outdoor garden, you can lower mental stress, lower anxiety, and get tired. As you know, all these are the recipe for a good night’s sleep. 

Final Take 

Plants are a great way to liven a city space, academic campus, business lobby and/or exterior, shared residential spaces, or even your own backyard. We want to make it as easy as possible for a business or municipality to create these tranquil places for their residents, customers, or employees. Our large commercial planters are a long lasting product that will help you create beautiful plantings that can even accommodate larger bushes or trees.

Since our large commercial planters are made of resin they have a lot of inherent properties that will appeal to most commercial buyers.. They only require minor maintenance, they resist degradation and discoloring from even the harshest of environments, they are lightweight which saves on shipping costs but also makes them easy to move around, and they can be cleaned if they were ever damaged from graffiti.  

If you are looking for large commercial planters to help transform your space, just reach out to TerraCast Products, and you’ll get quality pots with aesthetic appeal.