Choosing Planters for Your Office

Choosing Planters for Your Office

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When it comes to your office plants can be the ideal addition. With TerraCast Planters and your favorite plants, your office can be transformed from dull and bland to dynamic and productive. Plants bring an ambiance to the office, unmatched by other additions. They can complement the space, but more importantly they can enhance employee wellness, mental health, and morale, which means greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability. On top of that, plants created an inviting space, not only for employees but also for customers and clients. In fact, office environments where plants flourish can help attract and retain the best talent in your industry. As the world continues to evolve, businesses have discovered that comfort and warmth in the workplace mean benefits galore, and one way to create that type of atmosphere is with plants in attractive planters.

The Benefits of Planters in Your Office

Premium planters offer a number of benefits to your office. Obviously, planters with their accompanying greenery bring nature inside to enhance aesthetics and atmosphere, but they also offer numerous benefits. Plants and planters boost your employees mental health and increase productivity and creativity. In fact, plants and planters also reduce stress and release tension by removing toxins from the air and increasing oxygen though natural processes. Numerous studies have shown indoor plants deliver positive physiological and psychological impacts on employees, reducing anxiety, tension, depression, and fatigue. As a result companies with plants and planters in their offices see happier employees who take less sick days overall.

Choosing Planters for Your Office

When choosing planters for your office spaces, it is important to understand quality is key. Planters, along with the plants inhabiting them set the tone in your office, further developing the overall atmosphere as well as the brand image you want to project. The goal is to find just the right measure – creating a welcoming, attractive workspace – for your employees and clients to enjoy and appreciate. Don’t go overboard but aim for quality planters with stunning plants to complement your office décor.

The right high-quality planter, like the Tree Relief Planter from TerraCast Products, can make your chosen plant look more striking and make a statement in your office. On the other hand, a lower quality planter do the opposite. You will want to choose planters which are durable as well as stylish and have the ability to stand the test of time. At TerraCast, you will find premium quality resin planters with custom options to coordinate with your brand and image which are durable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

The options are limitless with TerraCast planters – square, round, rectangular, fluted, and bowl – perfect for placement at entryways, windows, offices, walkways, and more. Colors selection is equally vast, allowing you to choose colors which speak to your brand from bold to sophisticated, vivid to formal, neutral to sleek, you can find the perfect planter to suit your space and complement the greenery you choose. You can even choose from a variety of textures for your planters.

Choosing Plants for Your Office

When choosing plants for your office, you’ll want to select varieties which are easy to care for and have the ability to flourish indoors. In most cases, you don’t want plants which require an abundance of care to thrive or grow so quickly that they outgrow your planters. Bamboo and Peace Lilies are known for their beauty and require little care. The same is true for dracaenas, philodendron, Chinese evergreen, and aloe, and a number of other indoor plants. Plants add both style and color, as well as an environmentally friendly statement, in your office when paired with high-quality planters.