How To Use Planters To Enhance Commercial Design

How To Use Planters To Enhance Commercial Design

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Commercial planters are a unique way to enhance commercial design both inside and outside your space. With a vast array of designs, colors, sizes, and styles, commercial planters can elevate both aesthetics and function of your business. From a retail store front to a classic hotel lobby, an inviting spa to a timeless office, a trendy restaurant to a contemporary condominium complex, commercial planters allow for creativity and function with the addition of live plants to elevate your design. Here are a few ways you can add planters to enrich your design.

Customize Your Design While Elevating Your Brand

What you may not know is at TerraCast Products, our planters can mimic today’s most popular materials including natural stone, using our exclusive resin – Linear Low-Density Polyethylene – which is impervious to impact, weather, and water, and is completely maintenance free. Plus, the style and design can be customized to enhance your brand using your company colors and your unique style. You simply choose the style, size, and shape to complement your branding, and you can even add your logo if you like. TerraCast can match your color scheme, as well as fabricate custom planters and other pieces for your commercial space.

Develop an Open Flow with Privacy Built In

Let’s face it there are areas in your commercial space that simply need to maintain an open flow, but also add a bit of privacy. In a condominium complex, it may be needed poolside. At a restaurant, perhaps privacy is needed for a streetery or a patio. At the office, it may be required in common areas or event spaces. Wherever flow, aesthetics, and privacy are needed, planters overflowing with live plants and flowers can accomplish the task. Plants and planters, when paired properly, not only create privacy screens but also establish the needed flow while keeping areas open and welcoming.

Plus, planters and plants can direct guests, customers, or tenants, in the right direction when strategically placed at entryways, lobbies, and waiting areas. On top of that, they can be used to keep diners safe from busy street traffic as well as unwanted traffic noises. Plants and planters can all be used to block the pathway to areas where guests don’t need access. Planters overflowing with beautiful plants can be used creatively to develop openness, as well as flow, while welcoming clients and customers as well as creating areas of privacy where needed. 

Get Creative with Color, Texture, and Style

From timeless style to modern displays, customized planters from TerraCast Products can help your company get creative with color, texture, and style. From classic to contemporary, faux finishes to unique colors, TerraCast has the planters to perfectly complement your space, drawing attention to architectural details, and moving the eye away from less desirable views. Whether you need bold statement pieces of a distinctive grouping as a focal point, TerraCast planters deliver with tapered designs, rectangular pieces, and classic containers. Once the greenery and flowers are added, you have an elevated design which creatively and uniquely yours. 

Enhance Your Commercial Design Today with TerraCast

TerraCast has the products you need, made in the USA and customized for your commercial space. TerraCast resin planters are lightweight and easily moved as needed, while maintaining exceptional strength and durability. In addition, TerraCast resin planters are eco-friendly and recyclable. But the best part is TerraCast planters are damage resistant and weather resistant, and  will not chip, fade, or crack. Maintenance free, these cost-effective planters are also graffiti resistant and come with a 10-year warranty. Call today and discover all the ways you can enhance your commercial design with TerraCast planters!