Contemporary Landscape Design

Contemporary Landscape Design

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Contemporary landscape design with its natural lines and fresh looks are more popular than ever. With a nod to natural elements and a relaxing atmosphere, contemporary landscape design is inviting, welcoming, and warm, designed to make guests feel the same. Contemporary design, while having some structure, is not formal, but rather free and organic. The vision behind contemporary landscape design is a focus on environmental friendliness, preserving the globe’s beauty, and welcoming Mother Nature.

It is not to be confused with modern landscape design which features a nod to minimalism with rigid, hard lines as well as metal and concrete. Contemporary landscaping is grounded in simplicity with natural elements and an abundance of creativity using trees, shrubs, and flowers for inspiration. It features many styles, including, but not limited to, Asian gardens, cottage gardens, rock gardens, and more. Let’s explore the elements you need to include to develop your contemporary landscape design.

Plants, Grasses, and More

As you plan your contemporary landscape design, rather than removing native flora before you begin, consider incorporating native plants directly into your design. Even a stately tree can achieve a contemporary aura when surrounded by a layer of colored bark or colorful potted plants. As a bonus, keeping native flora in place means low maintenance and flourishing growth. As you add to your design, keep the plant varieties you are adding to a minimum to ensure a contemporary feel. Grasses are popular choices for contemporary landscapes and can be used to create borders and designs in your space. Flowers are always a great choice, whatever your style, but to keep the contemporary vibe in play, you will want to choose flower beds with borders or pretty potted plants.

Lines, Walkways, and Lighting

Contemporary landscape design embraces curved, natural lines. Even if your space and clearly delineated aspects, you can add rocks and other natural elements to break up the straight edges. Walkways defined by grasses and flower borders, stones and shells, garden walls and potted plants, or other natural touches are all a part of contemporary landscape design. In addition, walkways in contemporary design often feature LED illumination to light the way, as well as showcase featured focal points of the design.

Planters, Furniture, and Patterns

In contemporary landscape design, you will find furniture of all shapes and sizes, squares, rectangles, and circles, but to keep the contemporary theme in play, you’ll want to pair your selections with like items – circle seating with circular tables, squared-off shapes with like accents, etc. Fencing is often a part of contemporary design, particularly when featuring diagonal accents with timeless vertical lines. Along with furniture and fencing, design elements of a contemporary garden also feature stone and tile patterns to complement walkways, seating areas, and more.

Contemporary planters are also a great addition to your landscape design. The TerraCast Grooved Planter, as well as the TerraCast Fluted Planter showcase contemporary style and premium quality to last for years. Since contemporary landscape design uses curves as well as straight lines, contemporary planters, large or small, can add bold pops of color where needed, whether by the pool, along the fence, or around a private seating area. Remember, when choosing planters, like furniture, contemporary style dictates the use a recurring pattern to keep the design simple and well, contemporary.

At TerraCast Products, you’ll find a wide variety of premium contemporary planters, made in the USA, and fashioned from the extremely durable, long-lasting, maintenance free, and virtually indestructible Resin made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene. On top of that, with all the choices available, plus customer options, you can start planning your contemporary landscape design today.