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Commercial Landscaping Offers Major Benefits!

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Big Benefits To Landscaping For Any Commercial Property

As you approach a place of business, what do you notice about it? How does the building appear? Is this a place you trust and appreciate just by looking at? It might seem silly and perhaps you’re thinking, who cares what commercial landscaping looks like if a business provides good service? Think again, humans are very visual beings. Every commercial location, from a rural auto mechanic shop to a bank at the center of an urban city, is regularly judged based on aesthetic appearance. If there is only one shop on an entire street decorated with lush greenery and pops of color, this is the place people will notice, talk about, and flock towards. While adding an array of potted plants and flowers around picnic tables or walkways will enhance the beauty of any property, it will also provide so many more benefits to your business.

Attract More Foot Traffic & Customers

With time competition among businesses only increases, consumers have so many options to pick between today. Every last thing you do counts when it comes to increasing revenues. Think about it like this, no matter where your business is located if the outside has no shade or appealing landscape potential customers will keep walking right on by. In order to win customers over you want to catch their attention, a great way to do this is to install noteworthy scenery. Planting an assortment of unique flowers in a very large planter that can be seen from down the street is one way to get people looking in your direction. Also, distinctive potted plants are memorable, sparking a landmark at the foot of your shop. Add more foot traffic by providing a shaded spot for people to sit, such as a bench before a row of potted trees.

Commercial Landscaping Can Increase Property Value

It’s true that well thought-out commercial landscaping can seriously turn around the appearance of a property. In fact, not only do customers respond kindly to beautiful landscaping, but also so do potential real estate investors. Properties that have high quality commercial landscaping sell for 14% more when listed on the market, they also tend to sell quicker by up to 6 weeks. For residential properties, such as condos and apartments, landscaping increases the chance of full-time occupancy.

Increase Employee Productivity

Potted plants are beneficial outside, but they are also extremely useful inside as well. One study found a 10-15% increase in employee productivity after decorating workspaces with potted indoor plants. Amazingly, concentration, speed, and error rate were all improved, especially for employees that use the computer most of the day. Even more shocking, a UK study found the implantation of plants inside of a hospital cut the amount of days missed by sick employees by a whopping 60%. This is because plants actively filter our air and reduce bacteria levels, otherwise workspaces become stale with old trapped bacteria, creating a never-ending cycle of sick employees.
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Add to the Natural Eco System

If a commercial property is located in an urban environment, where trees and flowers are less common than big brick buildings, you are doing even moregood by adding flowers and plants to the scenery. The local birds, bugs, and even people will benefit from the natural additions to an otherwise barren environment. After all, plants are an extremely important component to our eco system (Find out How!)—without them we wouldn’t even be here.

Commercial Landscaping For Less Without the Hassle

Planting in-ground gardens can require hefty maintenance and particular conditions, while installing potted plants offers an easier option, especially inurban settings. No matter the square footage or type of space you have to work with, magic can be made with indoor and outdoor commercial landscaping. Even if a location is 100% concrete, potted plants and unique planters are an affordable and low maintenance option to spruce up any commercial location.