How to Showcase Your Business During the Winter with Planters

How to Showcase Your Business During the Winter with Planters

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The holiday season arrives and leaves rather quickly. However, winter décor does not always need to be put away immediately. As many travelers continue to enjoy vacations beyond the new year, winter décor can be nice to see around. Winter is the perfect time to freshen up looks around a business or try new arrangements. Whether it is hanging special snowflakes, lights, or putting out new planters, there are a lot of routes to consider.


Winter Colors 


It is known that popular winter colors are white, green, and red. The colors match perfectly with green plants and trees. The traditional colors are special but it is also possible for the colors to fade after Christmas. Other colors to consider are blue, bronze, silver, and gold. These colors along with white can stay vibrant throughout the Christmas season and the rest of the winter. Best of all, you will not have to worry about colors being too outdated past the holiday season. The best way to use these colors is through planters. To be precise, planters are perfect for holding small trees or plants. Along with the plants, the planters can hold winter colors, such as the ones mentioned above. Décor to put on display are ornaments or fake silver plant shrubs. When in need of planters to finish off the perfect look, TerraCast can assist. The California Square in white can complement any décor perfectly. The planter is lightweight and durable. The Grecian Square in white is another perfect option. Both the planters are durable and graffiti resistant. Therefore, there is no need to worry about them through unpredictable winter weather.


Winter Accents 


As mentioned, there is plenty to do with planters and winter décor. Another idea to consider is adding holiday accents. A little décor can go a very long way. Décor to ponder aside from ornaments are fake cardinals or even bows. Once Christmas décor goes down, pinecones are the perfect subtle replacement for holiday décor. 




Evergreens are perfect and go to winter plants. Fill the outdoor planters with different colored evergreens. An evergreen that is ideal for winter is the emerald arborvitae. This plant can be incorporated into many different plant types and go well with decorations. The subtle look of evergreens will make a business pop for the winter season.




Some businesses might consider putting new plants in their planters during the winter. There are plenty of bushes and plant types to consider. Chokeberry and winterberry are a few to consider as they grow red fruit. The subtle red can bring a business to life during the winter by adding character to the building. Other shrubs that bring color are northern bayberry. 



Planters can be filled with nearly anything, including branches. Utilizing colorful branches can make a planter pop. Branches of gold, bronze, or silver, can be placed inside planters and create a visual appeal.


Where to Place Your Planters


Since planters are an easy way to change up décor for the winter, it is essential they are put in the perfect place. If you are trying to put your planter on display to enhance the look of your business, you will want to ensure they are right in front. A business entryway is the first place visitors see. The way a business looks can determine if customers will shop, stop, or move on. Placing two planters on each side of a business entryway is a subtle and welcoming winter gesture. 


In search of winter planters? For more information about planters, contact TerraCast today.