The Basics of Landscape Design

The Basics of Landscape Design

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When it comes to landscaping, whether at your home of business, you can develop a plan to enhance your property’s curb appeal. Beautiful landscape design brings all the details together to improve the look of your property and welcome visitors effectively. By understanding the basics of landscape design, utilizing flow and style properly, you can create landscaping that is not only beautiful, but can increase the overall appearance and value of your property. TerraCast Products offers these basic landscape design tips to help you get started.

Begin with an Idea

The idea or theme for your landscaping should continue throughout the property whether your outdoor space is large or small. You want to create pleasing symmetry, and you can do so with a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees which carry your idea throughout your property, complementing one another and creating an inviting landscape. As you come up with your landscaping theme, keep in mind it need not be elaborate but rather should evoke feelings for you and your guests. In business, your landscaping theme should reinforce your brand image while welcoming your employees and customers each day in a warm and friendly way. You can use recurring patterns and colors to reinforce the theme and maintain a cohesive appearance.

Use Lines

Lines in landscaping provide a framework for the space, helping to develop the theme and overall feeling of the outdoor space. Lines create borders, designate walkways and entryways, and guide the eye. You can develop your landscape design with straight lines (diagonal, horizontal, or vertical) or free flowing lines using bricks or natural stone for walkways, plants like liriope, hostas, boxwood, fountain grass, or daylilies, and even rock gravel for outdoor gathering spaces. Mix and match your lines and borders for an intriguing design which complements your overall theme.

Scale to Size

To keep your landscape design interesting and inviting, you will want to scale it to size. In other words, choose a variety of shapes and sizes for planters, trees, flowers, and bushes. Using a variety of sizes, heights, and textures allow you to highlight the landscaping elements as well as delineate areas of the property. In a business you’ll want to create a clear walkway in which patrons enter your company, as well as outdoor seating areas, plus you may even want to design an outdoor “breakroom” for your employees to relax. Of course, scale to size also means choosing the sizes and shapes which fit and complement your space for years to come.


Colors can be added, not only through live landscaping elements but also with planters, lighting, and seating elements. In a business, colors should always complement your brand image, but colors can also be used to draw visitors and customers into your company. At home, color choices should be selected to complement your home and welcome your guests. Bright, vibrant hues are readily seen, inviting individuals to come inside, making well-placed planters with vivid blooms the perfect accoutrement to an entryway. With a plethora of greenery, colorful planters can be used to draw the eye of arriving guests. Neutral color planters, benches, and lighting can be used to add the finishing touches and bring the entire landscape together beautifully. Remember, when using color, the goals is to maintain your theme with complementary colors, repeating those colors throughout.


Planters are a staple of basic landscape design and can be used to add unique design to your outdoor space. Choose tall and impressive like the Barrel Vase, traditional and textured like the Cabana Pedestal, or sleek and modern like the California Line from the vast array of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures to enhance the appearance of your landscape design at TerraCast Products.