The Best Trees for Planters

The Best Trees for Planters

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With the right choice of trees for your planters, you can immediately choose the right color, blossom, and height. And without wasting time, set it right in your garden deck or patio for a spectacular complement to your space. With that said, here is a list of the best trees for planters:

  1.     Conifers

Conifers are the best option if you’re looking for an evergreen tree for your planter. With options like a cypress tree, fir, and juniper, your garden will retain its vibrancy year-round. It’s best suited for patios, balconies, terraces, and even open gardens. However, when buying conifers, you should consider the dwarf varieties to avoid inconveniences when it grows bigger.

  1.     Olive

If you are looking to create a garden theme with the help of trees in planters, consider Olive Tree. It’s a dignified option and a perfect pick when setting a Spanish or French-themed garden. Compared to trees of its size, Olive Trees are less demanding when it comes to the depth of the planter. But even so, it’s important to choose a planter that matches its size when transplanting. Thereafter, you can enjoy its beauty for many years provided you take good care of it. 

  1.     Japanese Maple

Japanese maple is one of the loveliest tree species for planters. They come with delicate leaves that shimmer when sun rays strike them. As a result, they are the best option for balconies and a patio where there’s plenty of bright light. Some of the striking varieties you can choose from are Orangeola and Crimson Queen. When choosing a planter, ensure you pick the generous types. 

  1.     Palo Verde 

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance tree but with a great display, Palo Verde will do. This is a tree that will do well in a desert-like garden condition with low maintenance. And even so, they create amazing shades thanks to their fine branches and many leaves. And when they’re in season, they put a spectacular display of yellow flowers in large clusters. 

  1.     Edible Fig

Figs are prized trees when it comes to Mediterranean courtyards. Thanks to their large and lobed leaves, they create a deep shadow to rest under. Further, they have striking gnarled branches that complement their surroundings.  Fig trees do well in planters provided their growing conditions are met. And when they’re on the season, they produce sweet, juicy, and edible fruits. 

  1.     Citrus Tree

You can plant all varieties of citrus in planters. But the most loved options include oranges, kumquats, limes, tangerine, and lemons. Citrus are best grown in large planters and placed in herb gardens or patios as pretty accents.  And the best part is that they produce nutritious and edible fruits. 

  1.     Other Trees

Still, you can’t find your favorite tree from the ones above. Here are more options to consider: 

  1.     Witch Hazel
  2.     Sweet bay
  3.     Japanese Holly Tree
  4.     South Magnolia
  5.     Privet
  6.     Bay
  7.     Ornamental Cherry 
  8.     Sambucus Nigra also known as Black Lace 
  9.     Italian Cypress 

Final Take

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