How to Choose the Best Planter

How to Choose the Best Planter

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When selecting outdoor planters for your commercial property, there are lots of options from which to choose. From planter boxes to vases, outdoor planters are indispensable part of your design and aesthetics. Planters allow you to showcase plants and flowers, whether your brand seeks to communicate understated elegance, pops of panache, or distinctive flair. Outdoor planters bring character and style serving to welcome your clients, colleagues, and employees inside. Choosing the best planters for your business isn’t as simple as you might think, after all you want planters which not only showcase your brand, but also offer durability and easy care for the long term. Here, let’s explore those important characteristics and how you can make the right choice and beautify your commercial property.

The Characteristics of the Best Planters

  • Appearance – Appearance is vital when enhancing your outdoor space, whether an entrance, a sidewalk, a patio, or a rooftop. You’ll want to have a wide variety of options, from classic to modern, as well as a diverse selection of colors, texture, and shapes.
  • Durability – A durable planter can stand up to wear and tear for long periods of time, maintaining its good looks and structure in sun, rain, and other weather. For places with lots of sunshine, you’ll want to choose an option with the highest level of durability.
  • Ease of Care – While all planters need some care, you’ll likely understand the importance of  choosing planters made from a material which requires little care to keep up appearances.

Design, versatility, durability, and necessary levels of care vary from resin to fiberglass to metal planters, so it is important to know the differences when making your choice.

Comparing Popular Options – Resin, Fiberglass, and Metal Planters

  • Resin Planters – Resin planters are popular options because they offer virtually limitless style with the ability to mimic stone, concrete, and more while being lightweight, durable, and long lasting. Unlike other options, TerraCast Resin Planters are crafted from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), made of up to 100 percent post-consumer recycled material (qualified for LEED credits) and as a result virtually indestructible. Our resin will not corrode, rot, or rust and can withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions without cracking or warping. Plus, they don’t absorb moisture from the air (humidity) and suffer water damage. Our resin planters are treated with a UV inhibitor which means they won’t ever need painting or refinishing because they won’t fade, chip, or peel. In addition, TerraCast Resin Planters, are lightweight, easy to move, and offer a multitude of styles because they are fully customizable – including size, shape, and color.
  • Fiberglass Planters – Lightweight, like resin, fiberglass planters are also easily moved as needed. They offer low maintenance and are resistant to temperature extremes. Fiberglass planters come in a variety of styles and colors. They are painted with high-grade paint designed to withstand inclement weather conditions and UV rays. They do require cleaning and fiberglass wax occasionally to maintain their looks through the years. Fiberglass planters are long lasting and durable, but they can crack if dropped. In hot weather conditions, fiberglass planters can trap heat, overheating the soil and the roots of the plants they house. And, because they are lightweight, fiberglass containers with tall plants are subject to falling over, and smaller planters can be blown and tossed by extremely windy conditions.   
  • Metal Planters –  Metal planters are certainly on trend, offering sleek contemporary style. They are durable, and don’t crack, chip, or break. Metal planters can be custom made, though colors are often limited. While beautiful, they are heavy, making moving difficult. In direct sunlight, metal planters heat up quickly, meaning frequent watering is needed for metal planters in sunny locales.  Aluminum planters are subject to oxidation over time, which can be washed away as needed and maintained with metal waxing. Iron planters are subject to rust and corrosion, caused by water, salt, and acids. Steel planters are also susceptible to corrosion as a result of moisture and oxygen. In areas where sunshine, humidity, or frequent rainfall is present, a non-toxic rust inhibitor can help extend the life of metal planters.

When it comes to your business and your brand, don’t settle for less than the best when choosing planters to keep your plants healthy and beautify your commercial space. TerraCast offers stunning, customizable resin planters, designed to deliver in all areas – appearance, easy care, and durability for years to come.