Increase Traffic with Storefront Landscaping

Increase Traffic with Storefront Landscaping

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As a business owner, your number one goal is to keep customers and clients faithfully coming to your store.  Of course, in the midst of that goal, you have much more to attend to in order to keep your business running smoothly. From operations to staffing, bookkeeping to maintenance, customer service to advertising, there is plenty for you to do, including creating inviting curb appeal to increase your customer traffic. Store front landscaping is a positive marketing tool that can be developed to fit into any budget. As an investment curb appeal enhances customer traffic, creates more sales, and increases your revenue. Here are some tips for increasing customer traffic with your beautiful storefront landscaping.

Reinforce Your Brand

Your landscape plan should complement your brand, showcasing your messaging, highlighting your products, and welcoming your customers. For example, if you are a restaurateur, lush herb filled pots could set your restaurant apart. If you sell and service computers, mobile phones, or other high-tech gear, consider modern planters by TerraCast overflowing with equally sleek, unique plants. If your shop offers vintage items, classic heirloom plants blooming in timeless planters could create the perfect vibe.

Choose Color Wisely

Color can set the tone for your store and bolster your messaging. Choose a variety of tones in a single color to represent peace and relaxation or a vivid bold palette of color to garner excitement. Whites with plush green flora can enhance feelings of contentment and calm, while a blend of pastel foliage happily invites your guests to come inside.

Bolster the Architectural Façade

While considering the color and messaging of your storefront landscaping, it is also important to ensure you reflect the architecture of your building. Modern design calls for modern planters with plants which replicate sleek clean lines. Traditional architecture with wood molding and expansive picture windows would be complemented by TerraCast classic pots and plantings like geraniums, petunias, and roses.

Add in Accents and Aid Traffic Flow

If you have the space, consider adding additional accents like benches, lighting, and even a fountain to further echo your messaging and welcome customers old and new. Accents can be especially helpful is your storefront entrance is unique, guiding customers directly to your door with a gentle nudge to “Come this way.”

Call Attention with Tasteful Coordinated Signage

Signage can add to your storefront landscaping if you select signs that complement your unique style. Consider offering daily specials on a chalk board in your favorite planter or a changing sandwich board surrounded by lush plants to further harmonize with your brand and message.

Maintenance Required

While TerraCast planters and accents require little to no maintenance, you will need to keep plants watered, weeds pulled, and flowers dead-headed to keep your plants thriving and looking beautiful. If you need assistance, consider adding irrigation tubes which are set to a timer and regularly water your plants.

Are You Ready to Increase Traffic with Storefront Landscaping?

If you are ready to create your storefront oasis, stand out from the competition, and welcome customers into your business, TerraCast can help with a vast array of commercial planters, from classic to modern and everything in between. Our products are designed of long-lasting resin, making them light and durable, perfect for your storefront design. We can also custom design planters and pots in the perfect complement of style and color for your business. In addition, TerraCast offers a complete line of lamp posts and site furnishings to further enhance your storefront, welcome customers, and increase your sales.