How To Enhance Commercial Landscaping

How To Enhance Commercial Landscaping

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Are you wondering how to enhance commercial landscaping and make your business stand out? Spruce up your commercial landscaping without spending a fortune with tree-ring lighting, large garden planters, or durable site furnishings. The best landscaping additions serve three purposes: they look great, serve more than one function and last a really long time without the need for much, if any, maintenance.

Here Are Ways To Enhance Your Commercial Landscaping

1. Decorative Slip Over Sleeve For Poles

If your light poles are starting to look old and beat up from the elements you have the option to spruce them up without completely replacing them. Our slip over lamppost covers remain the most affordable way to dress up most standard sized poles measuring up to 3-inches in diameter. The pole covers are available up to 10-feet tall and can easily be cut to fit the exact height that you need.

The best part is, our slip over sleeves last longer than any other poles or pole covers on the market. The magic is all thanks to the specially formulated non-porous, stain and rust resistant materials we use to construct covers. Therefore, our pole covers not only dress up your light poles but they add a beneficial layer of protection. As a result light poles last longer and look better for many years to come.

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2. Add Planters

Planters add a beautiful touch to any property and can be used to decorate indoors or outdoors. Even if there’s no available soil in sight and you’re dealing with an endless concrete jungle, planters offer the perfect solution to dress up a space.

We make the strongest commercial planters on the market. When you purchase a planter from TerraCast you know it will last for many years to come. Don’t just take our word for it; our unique limited warranty stands in proof backing up our claims.

Our resin is made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which provides a low maintenance and durable finish that can be personalized in any way you want.

We offer a wide variety of colors and are happy to mix any custom color or style, ranging to include a uniquely bright shade of teal to a believably beautiful faux stone. We also offer you the option to add logos or emblems onto planters for a completely unique look that makes a statement about your business.

Big and small, wide and tall, regular and self-watering planters, we have it all.
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3. Commercial Lamp Posts

In order to run a safe and successful business you need adequate lighting fixtures all around the property. High quality lighting fixtures add functionality but they can also add style to your landscaping.

Since lighting is something you can’t avoid you might as well make the most out of it by installing quality fixtures. Attractive light posts aren’t necessarily difficult to find, but it is challenging to find light posts that remain good looking for more than a couple of seasons.

Our resin-based light posts outfitted with LED lighting are incredibly durable. They stand resistant to rust, corrosion and graffiti. In fact, there is no other light post on the market quite like it in terms of strength and overall durability. We also equip all lighting features with 110-volt wire power to provide the greatest amount of power possible.

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4. Tree Ring Lighting

Another type of lighting that will add leaps and bounds to landscaping is tree ring lighting. These round fixtures come with multiple lights attached, the entire claw-like fixture opens up and easily secures around the trunk of pretty much any tree. You can place the fixture at varying heights of the trunk in order to draw the eyes where you want it to go.

The adjustable lights can be focused in any direction, cast up into the tree branches or down below to highlight a bed of flowers. The options are truly endless. The best part is you won’t have to replace it anytime soon, unlike most other tree rings on the market. Our resin tree ring lights are made to live up in the trees, resisting the forces of water, wind and many other common instigators of damage.

Our tree ring lights come in 3 sizes: 18-inches, 24-inches and 32-inches in diameter. We offer a wide variety of finishes and can custom mix any colors you want.

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5. Benches & Site Furnishings

Don’t forget to give people a place to sit and smell the roses amongst your first-class lighting and beautiful potted plants. Benches provide a warm and inviting appeal.
Just make sure that they serve a good purpose, for instance if there’s a nice shady tree you could place a bench beneath it offering the perfect escape on a hot, sunny day. On the other hand, putting a bench in direct sunlight with no shade doesn’t serve the same appeal.

Add benches with tables to a courtyard where employees go on break. If you don’t think people will be eating or working in a courtyard, a bench with no table should do the trick. Make sure to comply with local regulations regarding wheelchair accessibility. Different benches are geared to different age groups; always think of your target audience to select the right variety.

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Choose Resin For Commercial Landscaping Success

No matter what landscaping design ideas you implement it’s important to pick the right materials for the job. Once you try resin you never go back, there’s just no other material that can stand up to elements with the same vigor and longevity. Learn more about our unique resin products: