Important Questions To Ask When Buying Large Commercial Planters

Important Questions To Ask When Buying Large Commercial Planters

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Before investing in large commercial planters make sure to ask about maintenance, durability and weight, amongst other things. If you don’t shop carefully there are a few potential drawbacks to large planters. Thankfully, you can enjoy the perks of large commercial planters without the drawbacks if you shop smart.

Important Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Large Commercial Planters

1. How Much Maintenance Does Planter Require?

Large commercial garden planters are commonly used to decorate hospitals, parks, businesses, corporate courtyards and other spaces that need to make a beautifully professional statement. Large planters provide an eye-catching focal point, especially when properly placed and dressed up.

But how much time are you really willing to designate to overall maintenance of a large garden planter? Chances are you don’t have much time to dedicate to keeping up with a planter’s appearance, which is why our resin planters remain the number one option. Our specially formulated resin is built to require little to no maintenance, as it is virtually indestructible.

Our resin is unique in that it doesn’t stain or crack like traditional plastic or stone planters. Commercial planters are at a greater risk for graffiti due to higher foot traffic. Hence why we created non-porous large garden planters that can resist graffiti. It’s incredibly easy to wipe away any signs of vandalism without having to call out a professional or replace the planter altogether.

2. Is The Planter Self-Watering?

Self-watering planters reduce overall maintenance because you don’t have to water plants as frequently. These planters do a lot of the work for you by storing excess water in a chamber located at the bottom of the planter. This chamber helps prevent root rot because water doesn’t flood the roots, instead falling just beneath the roots in a separate chamber. When the plant becomes thirsty the roots are capable of reaching down into the chamber and collecting water.

All of our planters come with the option to add a self-watering chamber that will reduce overall maintenance and improve quality of life for many types of plants.

3. How Heavy Is The Planter?

A large garden planter made of stone can weigh more than you might think. That means when the time comes to move the planter you’re going to need a whole team of people and tools to do so.

Remember, once you add water, soil and plants to the pot and it’s only going to get heavier. As the plant grows and the soil absorbs more water, watch the pounds tally up!

Our resin planters can be made to imitate the look of stone without the heavy drawbacks. In fact, there are no planters with the same strength as ours while remaining so lightweight. Our planters are made heavy enough to stay in place without being too heavy to complicate transportation. This also saves you money from the get-go in shipping costs.

4. How Long Will The Planter Last?

This is a really important question because the answer dictates when you’ll have to replace the planter and either transport or forfeit the plant growing inside. Obviously, the longer a planter lasts without needing to be replaced the better.

Our planters are built to last longer than anything else on the market thanks to the super strength resin we use. Our resin planters are resilient against all kinds of wear and tear. Plus, the non-porous material keeps out water damage and the pliability of the material makes planters great at resisting impact damage.

5. Do You Need To Move Planter Inside During Freeze & Thaw Cycles?

Some planters are not able to withstand freezing cold temperatures or freeze and thaw cycles. If left out during a winter storm many planters are at risk for breaking and cracking. That means you’ll have to move the planter out of the elements at certain times of the year… which brings us back to: How heavy is the planter? A super heavy planter could make your life rather difficult during winter.

Thankfully, if you purchase your planters from TerraCast you don’t have to worry about moving them because they can withstand a much wider range of temperatures than the average planter. For instance, stone planters naturally develop small cracks in the surface over time, which is made worse during freeze and thaw cycles. Eventually, after enough cycles the stone will crack and crumble completely.

Since our resin planters are made to resist cracks they don’t undergo the same stress factors during freeze and thaw cycles. Our planters can withstand much more severe temperature fluctuations with an average temperature tolerance range between -40 degrees and 140+ degrees F.

6. What About Impact Damage, Can The Planter Withstand Much?

A car could crash into the side of a planter, or someone could recklessly take a swing at it with a baseball bat, you just never know. These might seem like far out scenarios but you can never underestimate the potential for strange things to happen. Thankfully, our planters have proven capable of standing up to everything from getting hit by cars to whacked with baseball bats. We’ve even seen our planters survive after being tossed from the roof of buildings. No joke, we do a lot of crazy stuff to our planters to ensure we offer the toughest product out there.

7. Are Planters Made With Eco-Friendly Materials?

To our absolute delight, the environment is playing an increasingly important role in decision-making these days. It’s always important to question what sort of impact the products you purchase have on the environment to ensure you are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

You can rest assured when buying anything from us! We use sustainable practices to manufacture our recyclable products right here in the USA. All of our products can be made from a high percentage of recycled materials, and some of our products can be made using 100% recycled materials.

8. Are Planters Customizable?

If purchasing a large garden planter to play a focal point for your business it needs to stand out. Customizing a planter with your logo, company colors or anything else you dream up is always possible with us. We offer a large assortment of standard colors and designs, but are always happy to work with you on creating a custom color or design for small and large commercial planters.

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