The Best Plants for Your Resin Planters

The Best Plants for Your Resin Planters

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Plants not only provide beauty and warmth to your commercial spaces but also act as a welcome to clients, customers, and colleagues entering your business. For this reason, commercial planters are popular choices for landscaping exteriors and beautifying interiors. TerraCast planters are made of virtually indestructible resin, making them ideal for high traffic areas as well as spaces exposed to changing weather conditions. Now that you have chosen the best planters, let’s choose the perfect plants.

When choosing your plants, you’ll want to select plants that are carefree, not requiring lots of extra care, watering, or attention. Choose plants that are resilient, bloom year-round, and can stand up to lots of foot traffic and, if outside, changing weather conditions. In doing so, you’ll have beautiful plants, 365 days a year that accentuate your commercial property. Here are some of the best plants, both beautiful and low maintenance for your resin planters.


Perennials are the royalty of low-maintenance plants, blooming year after year. These popular flowering plants come a wide variety of types and colors, offering up blossoms in pink, purple, red, yellow, orange, and even blue. No matter the style of your landscaping, there are perennial flowers to complement your landscaping design. Perennials should be planted in the spring or fall, allowing for growth prior to summer’s hot temperatures. Among perennial favorites are New Guinea impatiens. These self-cleaning plants (no deadheading required) only ask that you keep them watered so they can bloom abundantly. Coleus is another popular choice which grows fast and presents with colorful leaves. Coleus looks great alone or when paired with other perennials and only requires pinching back if it gets overgrown. Sweet potato vine features brow, gold, burgundy, and variegated leaves which grow quickly and stay beautiful year-round. Frikart’s Aster is a showstopper which grows up to two-feet tall and features a majestic purple flower all year long. 


Daylilies are resilient and beautiful, named because their lovely flowers blossom and live only a single day. All you need do is water them regularly and they will bloom year-round, with little other maintenance. These flourishing flowers are strikingly beautiful with hues from the palest lemon yellow to gold, bright orange to deep scarlet, rich burgundy to rose pink, and every shade in between. Daylilies prefer a large resin planter and though they require lots of water at first, they only need a little once established. When planting in a warm climate like sunny Florida, daylilies prefer morning sun and afternoon shade.


Hostas are durable plants, promising to grow and thrive virtually anywhere, making them perfect for planters. These low maintenance plants require minimal effort and present in a variety of colors. Some hostas enjoy shady areas, others flourish in the sun. Hostas are resistant to disease, though deer and slugs do enjoy the foliage. Some popular hosta varieties include the Hosta Whirlwind with its lavender flowers and color changing leaves, the Hosta Komodo Dragon with bluish-green leaves and lavender flowers, the Hosta Crispula offering rich green leaves with creamy white markings, and the Hosta Guacamole featuring fragrant white flowers and leaves streaked with yellow and green.


Topiary trees are stately and magnificent options for resin planters. Because they come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and colors, these trees can be uniquely designed to complement your planters and your landscaping. From balls to cubes, spirals to pyramids, tiered to freestyle, topiaries when established deliver green beauty year-round and only require proper water and drainage in return. Topiaries can mimic your landscape style from modern to classic to eclectic because they are living sculptures that add character to sidewalks, entryways, and more. You can also combine a topiary tree with your favorite perennial flowers for a completely distinctive look.

TerraCast is ready to help you get started on your container garden with our complete line of resin planters – guaranteed to never rust, corrode, or stain.