Low Maintenance Plants? Yes Please!

Low Maintenance Plants? Yes Please!

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With any commercial property, the goal is to make a great first impression in the best possible way. You want your business to attract customers and clients and invite them to come inside for a closer look. Plants and flowers  can do just that, particularly if your business is in the city where plants and greenery are often in short supply. Beautiful plants and flowers can add warmth and beauty to your company’s landscape, but both can be difficult to maintain.

After all, you have to keep your focus on operating your business and you don’t really have time to take on the task of maintaining the flowers and plants you want to adorn your business. Plus, to even get started you’ll have to select plants and planters which are suited to your environment and your climate, complement your brand, and will look good most of the year. You’ll have to avoid high maintenance plants, as well as those that need constant attention – watering, feeding, pruning, etc. But, before you change you mind about plants and planters, did you know there are lots of low maintenance plant which will maintain their good looks with little attention? Or that there are amazing, durable, virtually indestructible planters that can be customized to enhance your brand and welcome your customers? Let’s find out more!

Step One – Choosing Your Planters

At TerraCast Products, you will find durable, long lasting, customizable resin planters made from environmentally-friendly Linear Low Density Polyethylene that is 100 percent recycled and recyclable material. These planters come in nearly every color, plus a multitude of shapes, textures, and sizes, and can be personalized to enhance your brand.  These planters are virtually indestructible, cost effective, and maintenance free. From the Barrel Vase to the Brickell, and every planter in between, TerraCast planters promise to accent your landscape, lobby, courtyard, and more.

Step Two – Choose the Plants

Some plants are sun-loving, require little water, and love the heat. Other plants adore the shade and appreciate a climate with an extra level of moisture. So, as long as you make the proper selection for your climate and your  location, you will find these low maintenance plants will thrive, look beautiful and enhance your commercial property.

Succulents are a popular choice because they can thrive on as little a two hours of sun per day or as much as all day direct sunlight. On top of that succulents don’t require a lot of watering and actually prefer drier soil. It is important to note that while succulents are incredibly low maintenance plants, they aren’t big fans of extremely cold temperatures and they are vulnerable to frostbite. The Golden Sword Yucca is a popular choice in the succulent class, looking beautiful and presenting with fragrant, gorgeous flowers in summer.

Petunias are another sun-loving, low-maintenance choice that is perfect for planters. While they do prefer warm climates and enjoy the sun, they can also thrive in heavy rain and wind, making these perennials a great choice for areas where temperatures stay above 60 degrees. 

If your business is in a cooler climate or a shady spot, and you want a bright and colorful option, impatiens are a wonderful choice. These beauties feature green leaves and boast a plethora of color with little sunlight needed. They bloom all year in mild climates, even in the shade. Another pretty option is the shade and moisture loving fuchsia. These flowers spread tall and wide and offer brightly colored flowers when planted in the shade.

Finally, there is the faithful boxwood, promising rich color and thriving in half sun and half shade conditions all year round. Boxwoods are ideal for planters, but do need to be rotated regularly to look their best!