Change the style and look of your cityscape or home with TerraCast luminaire.

Terracast Post Tops

Luminaire is the industry term for “light fixture.” TerraCast® offers a brilliant line of scintillating post-top lanterns to finish your new or existing light poles or bollards. Illuminate your grounds and your life with TerraCast® Luminaires.


Our line of Luminaires includes several shapes and styles, from the simple, classic globe (seen often on docks and near pools), to the traditional decorative post top seen lining Main Street, USA. We have a wide selection of different shapes and styles, from simple to deco, traditional to contemporary.

Weather Resistant

Commercial Post Top Styles

At TerraCast®, we carry a wide variety of post top styles when it comes to commercial application. The look and feel can be drastically be changed with the many details of each post top.

Residential Post Top Styles

Our residential line of post top styles can beautify any aesthetic that you are trying to achieve for the landscape of your home. The post tops we carry are designed with top of the line technology with unique styles.

Our “glass” is actually transparent or translucent polyethylene, polycarbonate, acrylic or borosilicate, materials that won’t shatter. It comes in four-color finish options: clear, white, bronze and smoke. Whatever look you’re going for, one of our color options will accent it perfectly! Looking for an old-fashioned ambiance? Go for the bronze. Looking for soft, warm light? You’ll want the white. For full, bright illumination, you’ll want the clear. Different finishes will create different looks and effects. Where your luminaires are going, and what purposes they are serving are the first two questions you’ll want to think about, when selecting your color finish. Of course, if you are doing a new install, you’ll need to select color and style options for your bollards as well. We can help you with that!

Decorative cast aluminum frames the “glass.” The aluminum adds a little weight, and it is the standard in the industry for these types of designs. Our Luminaires are crafted for strength. TerraCast® products are formulated, designed and crafted to be maintenance, hassle, and worry-free. Resin is non-porous and non-hydroscopic so it will never rust, corrode, stain, discolor, fade, chip, pit or crack. The other materials we use are selected and crafted for the highest quality and durability possible. This durability means that the ease of ownership you experience will save you time and money. Our products will treat you to a lifetime of maintenance free, worry-free enjoyment.

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All of our products are made in America. All offices, warehouses, facilities and factories stand proud on US soil. Originally founded in 1969, we have remained an American owned and operated company.

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Our Products

A Terracast® product is designed to beat out the competition in every conceivable way. Our products are customizable, lightweight, weather/graffiti resistant, eco-friendly, and almost indestructible.

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When you contact Terracast® you will always be met with a friendly voice. We want to make sure you are well taken care of whether you're a new customer or have been doing business with us for 20 years.

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