Washington Drop Over Base

The Washington Base is a beautifully sand casted decorative lamp post base made to replicate the bases found on lamp posts from way back when.  The Washington Base, like its sisters, starts as raw aluminum, melted to molten state, and poured into carefully constructed cores in the shape of the decorative base.  When the liquefied aluminum hardens, the finished part is broken out of the casting and cleaned of excess metal burrs and sand.  Then, it’s off to polishing before the final product heads to powder coating.  This base accepts a pole whose Outer Diameter is  4”.  The base is approximately 16.5” tall and has a footprint diameter of 13” with built-in anchor bolt pads.  This base also has a door cutout for easy access to the electrical wiring.  The base comes in a standard matte or glossy Black finish.

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All measurements are nominal. Please allow up to 1/4 inch variances.
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