Protecting Your Plants from Summer Conditions

Protecting Your Plants from Summer Conditions

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When it comes to warm summers, maintenance of your outdoor plants is a must. With harsh weather conditions and the beating sunlight, protecting your plants from damage is essential to keep them thriving in the seasons to come. If your plants are newly planted then they most likely are incapable of adjusting to the weather alone. However, if the roots are aged and mature, they can easily adapt to different weather conditions.

Water Your Plants in the Early A.M.

For most people, reaching for a glass of water in the morning is normal. During heat waves and dry seasons, the same goes for plants. With the heat sucking up most of the plant’s moisture, it is vital to get plants hydrating before the morning heat amplifies. Waking up early to water the plants and ensure hydration of the roots is a priority for plant owners. For some, waking up early is not fun or ideal, but it is necessary to keep your plants alive and thriving during summer. Watering your plants a second time during the day, especially on hotter days offers extra protection to your plants.

Repot Before Summer

It is common for plants to grow outside of their planters. If your plants are no longer fitting the parameters of the planter, it is time to re-pot them to avoid the roots pushing their way through the soil and out of the planter. The repotting process needs to happen as soon as possible, especially before the summer weather conditions. Roots are the way plants get the water and nutrients they need. If a plant is not cared for before the summer weather hits, it might stand less of a chance of surviving.

Choosing the Perfect Spot

Knowing your plants and the weather conditions they thrive in will help you understand where to place them. Every plant is different and unique. They require different amounts of water and sunlight to survive. Upon purchasing your plants, taking note of the nurture and care they will need will help prevent any accidents. If your plant prefers direct sunlight, it is not a bad idea to keep that plant in an area where the sun is hitting it constantly. If your plant does not like direct sunlight, placing it in a more shaded area will keep it alive during the hottest summer days.

Choosing the Right Plants

When choosing plants, pick plants that are able to survive different weather conditions. Some plants might be attached to only shade, while others thrive on sunlight. There is a lot to consider when picking plants and making the right decision can result in less of a hassle, especially if you want low maintenance options. For example, petunias are beautiful popular flowers that perform well in the sun. These flowers thrive in warm conditions and love the sun but can also survive heavy wind and rain. If you live in weather conditions that stay above 60 degrees, these flowers are perfect for you.

Choosing the Right Planters

Self-watering planters are also great for plants which live in outdoor weather conditions. These planters keep plants well hydrated without drying out. The planters work by storing away water in a separate chamber that does not reach the root. When needed, the planter distributes the water without drowning it. The best part about these types of planters is they are low-maintenance. Plant owners do not have to worry about constantly ensuring their plants are receiving the correct amount of water. TerraCast offers a full line of self-watering planters from which to choose.

Caring for Your Plants

Properly caring for your plants in the summer will allow them to prosper into the next season. Taking precautions and notes of what helps your plants thrive in all weather conditions will allow for success. These tips will ensure your plants thrive all summer long and well into the future.