How to Enhance Your Rooftop Dining Setting with Planters

How to Enhance Your Rooftop Dining Setting with Planters

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When it comes to creating the perfect rooftop dining setting, every pound counts. This is because rooftops are engineered and designed with a set weight limit as well as load capacity. With that being said, how can you spruce up your space without worrying about the extra weight pileup? The answer is simple, source your planters and products directly from TerraCast. Before getting into the logistics of every pound or the engineering of the rooftop space, let’s first dive into what it means to create a beautiful rooftop dining experience. Rooftop dining is not only visually appealing, but it is also a great way to have an elegant outdoor experience. Nowadays, cities are not the only locations that are maximizing the use of their rooftop spaces. To truly make the most out of your rooftop space, plants, along with the perfect planters, are the way to go. With TerraCast planters, there are planters for every theme. With that in mind, here is a list of the top 3 themes you can create for your rooftop dining experience.

Earth Toned Setting

There are plenty of planters to choose from if you are considering creating an earthy, neutral-toned setting in your rooftop dining space. The most popular choice between these options would have to be none other than our beautiful Bamboo planter. The Bamboo Planter is not only a striking visual, but it is also lightweight and highly durable as well with little to no
maintenance. On top of all of this, the bamboo planter is also graffiti resistant. You may also choose from a large variety of color options when purchasing the bamboo planter for your space. Another great option for your earth-toned rooftop setting would be the stunning Tree Relief planter. This beautiful planter is also lightweight and durable and is available in 20 different color and texture variations. The Tree Relief planter is a great option for decorative plants as well as small trees, depending on their size of course.

Japanese Garden Setting

If you are interested in creating a sleek, Japanese garden setting for your rooftop dining experience, consider the beautiful Japanese Bowl planter. This is yet another lightweight, durable design that is extremely low maintenance. For this Japanese Garden theme, you may also consider the lightweight Leaf planter. This planter comes in a square design and is available in 20 different color and texture variations as well.

Modern Day Rooftop Setting

When it comes to creating the perfect modern-day rooftop setting, everything comes down to the décor. This décor is typically created with a variation of light fixtures as well as different mood lighting to set the tone of the rooftop. On top of this, the rest of the space is typically filled with a variety of plants and planters. For this setting, TerraCast has a large variety of options including the classic Grooved planter. While this planter comes in a variety of different colors, white is known as the most classic and elegant look for this specific design. The Grooved planter is also a perfect complementary piece to the bamboo planter and would be perfect to mix and match the two in your rooftop space.

If any of these themes have sparked your interest, or if you are simply curious about learning more about TerraCast and our products, please visit our website at Here, you may contact us through the “contact us” section of our website and send us a message. Or, if you prefer, you may also give us a call to learn more.