Small Cell Concealment

Solutions to the aesthetic concerns.

Small Cell Concealment Products

Technology has arrived at the crossroad of shorter, more visible poles and the aesthetics demanded by city specifications. The leader of resin made decorative bases for the lighting industry provides seamless integration into municipal designs demanded by your customers. TerraCast® Concealment Products protect and conceal small cell monopoles and equipment while dramatically enhancing the exterior look. The lightweight resin material makes shipping and installing quick, easy, and cost-effective. The maintenance-free element of the resin material is a great value-add to lowering the overall ownership costs. Contact us for our custom capabilities!

Custom Options

Many cities and municipalities have struggled with accepting straight and smooth monopoles to be erected in their cities to provide their residence with 5G service. Due to the lack of decorative poles having the structural and wind load necessary, many communities have had to settle for these eyesores. The TerraCast® Fluted Sleeve has provided a solution to this problem. Whether it's a new or an existing installation, the sleeve will change a plain smooth pole to a decorative, fluted design without compromising the structure or wind load. The material is made of a color-thru, high-grade polyethylene resin that is UV stabilized to withstand fading, chipping, or peeling. The decorative sleeve will protect the base pole from direct sunlight, which will dramatically extend the life of the pole's surface.

The sleeve will fit neatly over TerraCast® or industry decorative bases to conceal the monopole all the way up to the antennas. The unique resin material TerraCast® uses allows your team to cut access points in the field or at your warehouse. The patented design allows you to stack as many sleeves as necessary to conceal the monopole and to cut to the exact size needed. The unique, one-side design eliminates the need to secure the hardware from both sides of the pole sleeve.

Pole Cover Products

We also carry products that can easily be installed to an existing pole or tower to dramatically enhance the exterior look of the pole itself.

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