Atlanta Clam Shell Base

The Atlanta Light Pole Bases are the ultimate solution to the ongoing theft and maintenance problems plaguing cities and municipalities nationwide. With traditional metal bases often targeted for their scrap value, cities, and municipalities are left with the costly and dangerous problem of missing parts, exposed wires, and accelerated rust and corrosion. But with the Atlanta Light Pole Bases, these concerns are a thing of the past. The LLDPE resin material is worthless to potential thieves, meaning that light pole bases are safe and secure.

The Atlanta Bases are designed with a tiered “wedding cake” style structure at the top to accommodate poles of different diameters. They have different heights based on the top opening to avoid excess “shelf space” for smaller poles, giving a more natural transition and helping reduce litter on light pole bases.

One of the unique features of the Atlanta Bases is the ability to customize the top face of the base. Cities can add their names, logos, slogans, or messages permanently to the base.

Sizing & Specs

Part Number Pole Diameter Height Material Spec Sheet CSI 3-Part-Spec
TC-ATL28 up to 7.25" 27.50" resin Download Download
TC-ATL38 up to 10.25" 37.25" resin Download Download
All measurements are nominal. Please allow up to 1/4 inch variances.