Tips for Beautiful Business Outdoor Spaces

Tips for Beautiful Business Outdoor Spaces

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Business outdoor spaces serve many purposes for employees and guests alike. Spending even just a few moments outside can offer an important respite from the stresses of a busy day, allowing everyone to regroup and approach the rest of their work with a refreshed mind. And with the longer workdays and increased competition facing today’s businesses, any potential boost to worker productivity and customer satisfaction is vital.

Designing beautiful business outdoor spaces isn’t always the top priority for businesses, but at TerraCast we understand the importance of creating the right space for your unique needs. We’re proud to offer our clients everything they need to accomplish this goal, from site furnishings to landscape lighting and beautiful planters that are perfect to showcase your favorite flora throughout the year. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite tips to build the best business outdoor space and how we can help.

4 Tips for Beautiful Outdoor Business Spaces

1. Embrace Continuity

One of the most important tips we can offer is to view your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space. You want to create a cohesive experience that doesn’t feel too disjointed from one area to the next. Taking the time to create a sense of continuity and flow is a great strategy to make the outside of your business feel like an extension of your interior offices in the best way. One way to do this is to invest in quality site furnishings that match your overall aesthetic.

2. Go with the Flow of Nature

It might be tempting to create your outdoor space with little regard for the existing landscape but building something that blends into the surroundings will offer a more beautiful and natural appearance. Take a look at the kind of features you see when you look outside and replicate them as much as possible when designing your new space. This includes adding resin planters that match some of the natural stone in the area and selecting furnishings and plants to blend in with the existing vegetation.

3. Invest in Expert Landscaping

Working with what you have is important, but so is understanding how to landscape your space to look well-maintained without creating a stark disconnect between nature and your office spaces. With that in mind, reaching out to expert landscapers is a great way to elevate your outdoor business space and enhance the quality furnishings and plants you plan on installing. Make sure your landscaper understands your overall goal and can meet your needs before they begin! Giving them the “big picture” is the best way to ensure the work they complete will work for you.

4. Pick the Right Lighting

Finally, it’s important to invest in the right kind of lighting for your space. Commercial lighting doesn’t have to be jarring – we offer a wide selection of options for both clear visibility and unparalleled design to ensure your space remains beautiful without sacrificing the safety of your visitors in the process. From lampposts that make a statement to more subtle, ambient solutions to enhance your space with little fuss, lighting is a vital aspect of creating a beautiful outdoor business space.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your outside areas. There are too many customizable and attractive site furnishing options on the market to justify sacrificing on a beautiful outdoor business space to serve as an oasis for your workforce and a welcome for any visiting customers. From the practical to the decorative, TerraCast has exactly what you need to create the perfect area – and we offer a 10-year warranty on certain products, too, so you can buy with peace of mind.