Using Planter Boxes in Your Business

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Planter boxes are a great option or any business, allowing you to enhance your décor and add design as well as function. While you may immediately think of planter boxes as window enhancements, there are, in fact, a number of ways to use planter boxes in your commercial location. Let’s learn more of the ways you can use planter boxes in your business to improve the aesthetics of your location.

Creative Ways to Use Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are most well known as adornments for windows and rightly so. They can showcase windows and architectural elements when filled to overflowing with beautiful plants. In windows, planter boxes offer a welcoming view for customers while enhancing the atmosphere within for your employees. In office spaces where privacy is required, planter boxes can fill the need. A great example of a planter box for this application is the Garland Rectangular Planter by TerraCast Products. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the Garland is the ideal choice for any area where space is limited, like window ledges and atop tables. 

Planter boxes are also an excellent option to line a walkway or highlight an entryway. These box style planters deliver a friendly landscape feature, defining a walkway and welcoming visitors into your business. And because planter boxes are offered in numerous colors, styles, sizes, and finishes, it is easy to add aesthetic appeal and enhance your brand with the right selection of colors and plants. There is truly something for every style – from classic to contemporary – and promise to draw the eye of anyone passing by your business. Continue the appeal by adding complementary planter boxes around your entrances to further invite everyone in – including customers, colleagues, and your staff.

Box-style planters are also excellent in maintaining and directing traffic flow. They can be used to set up a particular flow, guide people to a new walkway or traffic pattern, or block entry to staff only areas restricted from visitors. Choosing lightweight planter boxes, like those available from TerraCast Products, allows for easy movement to other locations as the need arises.

While many believe planter boxes are only for outdoors, the reverse is true. Planter boxes also work beautifully inside your commercial spaces. Like outside, they can be used effectively inside entryways, as well as along walls, on window ledges or tabletops. Commercial planter boxes filled with beautiful plants can add a pop of color and style to any business décor.

Choosing the Right Planter Boxes for Your Business

Now you know all the ways planter boxes can be used effectively in your business, here are some tips on choosing the perfect planter boxes for your space. There are lots of materials available, and most can be negatively affected by moisture, heat, humidity, and sunlight. The exception are the commercial planters from TerraCast Products. These planters are made from resin, specifically Linear Low-Density Polyethylene which won’t corrode, or rot. In fact, TerraCast resin planters are maintenance free and virtually indestructible.

After choosing the best material for your box-style planters, next you will need to settle on the color, finish, and style which best complements your brand. If your commercial space is modern and clean, you’ll want to choose planter boxes with a similar finish and clean lines. On the other hand if your business style is more classic, you can choose a more decorative option with a unique finish.

Finally, you need to choose the size of your planters that is best suited for the plants you want to use. Many commercial spaces choose Peace Lilies, Sedum, Spider Plants, and Verbena because they don’t require lots of maintenance, but you can mix and match as you like, even adding seasonal flowers for a pop of color. Just remember, when selecting planters and plants, you want to ensure the planters you choose can accommodate the plants within, keeping them healthy and growing for the future.