Creating the Perfect Outdoor Hang Out

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Hang Out

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When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor hang-out space, it all comes down to creating an appealing set-up. Décor and furnishings set the tone of the atmosphere. In this guide, the team at TerraCast shares exactly how you can set the tone and create the perfect outdoor space, whether it is within your own backyard, on a large rooftop, or simply the porch just outside your front door. To set the mood, it is a great idea to consider different lighting options. This can be a large light fixture or something as small as a string of twinkle lights to hang throughout the outdoor space.

However, the most important decor to truly set the tone for the perfect outdoor space are plants and planters. Even though your outdoor hang-out space is, well, outdoors, you can never have too many plants. Incorporating different plants into the space can set it apart and create the perfect atmosphere. Many people forget about the fact that planters create a set tone as well. In order to balance out the theme of your outdoor space, consider mixing and matching different planters that complement each other as well as your space. With that being said, here is a shortlist of some of the few options of planters that complement each other and set the tone for your space.

The Bamboo Planter and The Grooved Planter

The Bamboo Planter is a customer favorite due to its versatility and ability to complement any other planter, including the Grooved planter. The Grooved planter is a simple yet elegant design that will always be in style. Whether these two planters are placed outdoors, throughout your home, on a rooftop, or even throughout a hotel lobby, they are sure to grab the attention of your guests.

The Roman Round Planter and The Roman Square Planter

These two lightweight designs are the perfect, low to almost no maintenance planters for decorative plants as well as different variations of small trees. Both of these planters come in a large variety of colors as well as 20 different texture variations in order to fit the theme of your outdoor space perfectly.

The Leaf Planter and The Japanese Bowl Planter

For this combination of planters, both are extremely low maintenance and lightweight designs perfect for plants and small trees. While the Leaf planter, like the Japanese bowl, comes in a variety of colors and textures, green is a customer favorite and one of the most stunning. Our Japanese Bowl is actually the brainchild of one of TerraCast’s California based customers. This lightweight and durable piece is sleek and adds just the right amount of a modern twist to your outdoor hangout space.

The Low Bowl Planter

Another planter option that would be a perfect addition to this mix is the Low Bowl planter. This planter can be used in a variety of unique ways. Of course, there is always the simple option of placing this planter directly on the ground. However, for a more unique space, consider placing the low bowl planter on either a pedestal or hanging it throughout your outdoor space. Of course, if you decide you would like to hang it, be sure to have the necessary mounting tools and appliances in order to create this look.

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