Choosing the Best Planters for Health Care Facilities

Choosing the Best Planters for Health Care Facilities

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More and more planters are being added to health care facilities. The increase of planters inside and out is for multiple reasons. One reason, in particular, is the ability of plants and greenery to reduce stress. There are plenty of benefits for health care facilities. When in need of planters, TerraCast has you covered. Whether you are adding more planters or beginning to consider the idea of planters inside of healthcare facilities, consider the following.


The Benefits of Planters 


As mentioned, planters have plenty of benefits, especially health benefits. Plants have the ability to lessen stress by simply adding greenery. In health care facilities, like hospitals, the need to ensure the environment is more relaxed is essential. Most people do not enjoy being in the hospital, therefore, it is essential to create the most zen environment. Studies show that greenery allows patients to relax and reduce tension. This is essential especially because stress can lead to physical issues and even high blood pressure. For patients in the hospital, relaxation is key to healing and can make a massive difference in recovery. 


Similarly, plants can increase the well-being of patients. For those in the hospital being treated for terminal illnesses, being alone in a room that is cold and plain can be daunting. Adding life to the room by simply placing greenery in a corner can bring a sense of hope. Color flowers and planters can put patients at rest during their stay. A peaceful environment can increase the well-being of patients. Furthermore, employees can also benefit from plants. Hospitals are especially stressful work environments. The stress employees feel can be lessened through the greenery. Green plants can create a more peaceful and positive work environment.


Plants also increase indoor air quality. In health care facilities, there is a multitude of germs that circulate in the air. Since many people are in the hospital for different reasons, the spread of many germs is heightened. It is essential to keep the air as clean as possible to avoid others contracting illnesses or receiving infections. Planters with shrubs or even trees can increase a health care facility’s air quality. Plants offer the best and natural air filter that creates efficient oxygen.


The Perfect Outdoor Planters 


There are plenty of planters that can be placed outside and inside a healthcare facility. Outdoors is the first area patients and visitors view. A hospital that is nicely decorated with greenery can create a less daunting environment from the outside. Planters to consider from the outside include the Fluted Vase. This vase can be customized in a variety of colors. To make a healthcare facility more welcoming, Blues, greens, and yellows can be bright colors to consider. The Tree Relief planter is a small decorative planter that is perfect for small trees. Aside from these two, there are plenty of other planters from TerraCast to consider. 


The Perfect Indoor Planters

When considering planters for the inside of healthcare facilities, there is plenty to utilize in nearly every room. When thinking about patients’ rooms, a rectangular planter such as the Garland Roma Rectangular can be perfect for window seals. The planter comes in 20 colors and can add vibrance to a room. Flowers and shrubs can be perfect to place in the rectangular planters offered by TerraCast. The Brickell Planter is another small and subtle planter that can easily fit in rooms and hallways. The planter also comes in multiple colors.




When in need of planters for healthcare facilities, TerraCast can assist. Offering plenty of planters that come in a variety of colors, TerraCast has you covered. For more information, contact TerraCast today.