The Coolest Way to Incorporate Tree Lights into Your Landscape Design

The Coolest Way to Incorporate Tree Lights into Your Landscape Design

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Tree lights are a great way to add shadowing, dimension, style, and lighting to any outdoor space. From lights that physically attach to trees, to string lights that sweep through the trees, there are a number of ways you can incorporate lighting in trees. No matter what type of tree lighting you decide on, we recommend investing in LED bulbs to save money and ensure longer lasting fixtures.

There are so many ways to add lighting to trees, in fact, by the end of this article you’ll be wishing you had more trees! Adding lights to trees creates dimension and helps move the eye around a space, all while adding ambiance and style.

Our Favorite Way to Light Up Trees: Tree Ring Lights

Tree ring lighting fixtures are one of our favorite ways to add style and light to backyards, commercial properties, and just about anywhere else too. Our unique Tree Ring fixtures are specially designed to attach to trees by encircling a branch or the tree trunk. The ring opens up into two halves that fit around the tree. It comes with four rods, so you can adjust it to fit each tree just right. A tension-held clamshell keeps it holding strong in place wherever you decide to put it.

Tree Ring lights can be placed up high in the canopy, or lower towards the ground—it all depends on how you’d like the light to reflect. The most common spot to add a Tree Ring is about ¾ of the way up the tree, this creates a dramatic look that doesn’t blind you.

Furthermore, you can pick between Tree Rings that have four or six lights. Each light offers 360 degrees of rotation and can be pointed in a different direction (or the same direction) to create unique shadowing, depth, and spotlights. As a result, one Tree Ring can be used to create a whirlwind of potential looks. Play around with your fixture to find the best look based upon surrounding foliage, structures, and so forth.

We are the only manufacture making Tree Rings from resin. That means our Tree Rings are truly impervious to the elements and resist rust like nothing else out there. That’s important considering how much moisture and other elements Tree Ring lights are exposed to. Did we mention our Tree Rings are backed by a 3-year warranty?

Resin Tree Rings by TerraCast come in 3 sizes: 18-inch, 24-inch, and 32-inch diameter. Learn more about Landscape Lighting Tree Rings by TerraCast.

4 Other Great Ideas to Light Up Trees

Put Up String Lights

String lights are an on-trend fan favorite right now. From wedding venues to cozy backyards, string lights are showing up everywhere. They are easy to hang, low maintenance, and fairly cheap so you can simply replace them when they break down. String lights can be affixed between trees and/or attach to the side of a structure.

Short on trees to work with? Consider adding string lights to the inside of a table umbrella following the umbrella seams. This is a win-win as it lights up the table where people gather, eat and drink.

Add Ground Lights Around the Base of the Tree

Highlighting a tree with lighting doesn’t always mean you must put a fixture in the tree. Ground lights can be placed around the base of a tree and pointed upwards to highlight the beauty of the canopy. This same in-ground light can be used to reflect out onto pathways or other focal points.

Chandelier Tree Lights

Use string lights to create a chandelier effect on trees. This involves dangling a series of string lights vertically from the branches of a tree so that they hang down towards the ground. They could touch the ground or remain free-floating, it all depends on the style you are going for, practicality, and the height of the tree in question.

Light Up the Entire Tree

Smaller bulb string lights can be twisted around the trunk and branches of a tree to create a truly ‘lit’ effect. While this is a popular tactic around the holidays, it can work all year long with the right bulbs and overall landscape design.