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The US Green Building CouncilThe world is being polluted at a faster rate than the damage can be undone. If we want a nice environment for future generations to call home we have to start reevaluating the ways business is often conducted. Since our origin back in 1970, TerraCast has been concerned with the environment in every step of our manufacturing processes.

Our drive to do things right by the customer, and the environment has earned us green recognition in more ways than one. In fact the US Green Building Council, as well as The Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Program certifies us. While this sounds ‘eco-friendly’ and therefore good, many of our clients don’t know exactly what all this means, or why it is so important to us. Here we explain more about green building materials, manufacturing processes, and why this is good for you and the world at large.

What Is The US Green Building Council?

The US Green Building Council is a governmental agency that revolves around better building solutions sustainable to the planet we live on. They are interested in promoting cost-efficient and energy-efficient industrial options. Overall, the USGBC works to create better ways of manufacturing homes, buildings, and entire communities, a mission we are proud to take part in.

What Are LEED Credentials?

All of our production methods qualify for the LEED credentials instituted by the USGBC. But what are LEED credentials exactly? According to the USGBC, LEED stands for “green building leadership.” Overall, LEED has to do with every component of a community, from the ways it is designed, manufactured, and kept up to date.

There are many prerequisites a company must comply with in order to be awarded with LEED credentials. In order to be considered LEED credentialed, a project must be able to save money, resources, as well as positively impact a community. The LEED program is instituted to identify those using the best, and greenest, building processes in order to promote other companies to do the same.

There are also different ratings, depending on how green an actual product and its production is. We are proud to receive MR4 credits, the highest possible green rating, for most of our products. This is due in part to our usage of post-consumer recycled materials.

The most important components of LEED Certification that apply to our high quality products include:

  • Water efficiency, products must promote an efficient use of water. After all, water is a dwindling resource our planet (and us) needs to live.
  • Sustainable sites, strategies for building that do not impact the ecosystem or water resources in a given area.
  • Energy and atmosphere, the ability for a product to enhance its surroundings through innovation.
  • Materials and resources, including sustainable materials and building methods that reduce waste, and improve air quality.

What Does LEED Have To Do With Planters?

Not just any business can claim that they are certified by LEED standards, products are carefully analyzed by the USGBC in order to determine if they are green approved or not. If you are looking for ways to reduce your own carbon footprint, it’s important to question the real source of the products you purchase. Otherwise, your checking account could work to damage the environment without you even realizing it.

Planters are created in a factory, and depending on the methods used this can create pollution and waste. Planters are made to carry flowers and foliage, a very gift from Mother Nature herself. For this reason, we feel it is so important to have our planters, and other products, manufactured in a way that is beneficial to the environment, otherwise we could lose the ability to grow green plants in the first place.

3 Ways We Strive For Sustainability

There are a number of steps TerraCast products go through before reaching your home, business, or community. Throughout this process there are a number of ways that we help save the planet.

1. Planter Materials

The first eco-friendly components of our products are the actual materials used to make them. We use recycled materials whenever possible, for most color choices we can utilize 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Black is actually the easiest color to create using all recycled products. In other words, around here black is the new green!

We also rely on petroleum manufactures to obtain recycled resin. This resin starts out as little pellets that are then pulverized into a powder. From this powder we are able to create the base for our eco-friendly planters. Resin is beneficial to the longevity of your planter, as well as the earth and eco-system as a whole.

2. Manufacturing Process

It’s not just the materials that make us green-friendly, but also our manufacturing processes. Instead of using damaging chemicals, we simply use a UV inhibitor in order to make the colors on our planters last for many years, regardless of exposure to the elements. The ovens used to bake and heat planters are powered by natural gas, and all of the cooling chambers rely on reclaimed water.

3. The Final Product: Durability

Products that only last a few years before they need to be replaced are bad for the environment. They fill up landfills and keep manufacturing facilities in constant working order so that materials are endlessly being exerted. This is no way to build a sustainable brand, or a reputable product.

While our manufacturing facilities are created with eco-friendly properties, they are also built to last. We have mastered making the most indestructible planters on the market, in proof we offer a 10-year warranty.

Go Green With Us

All TerraCast products are made without cutting down trees, quarrying stone, or mining for metals—all of which are very damaging to the environment. We have found a better way to craft our products.

Old trashcans, kayaks, and more are melted down and remade into brand new products with an incredibly long life. We are willing to make the extra effort to avoid wasting valuable resources throughout the process; it just makes more long-term sense to conduct business this way.

For sustainable, long-lasting planters, light posts, benches, and more check out our vast selection of TerraCast products today!