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World’s Most Popular Flowers + Tips To Grow In Planters

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The world’s most popular flowers include roses, lilies, Chrysanthemums and poinsettias, all of which you can grow in any of our high quality planters.

Planting the world’s most popular flowers around your home or office is a great way to catch peoples’ attention and even bring about more smiles. These flowers are crowd-pleasing favorites for good reason, take advantage of their beauty and reap the benefits. 


The number one most popular flower is the rose. Available in a variety of colors, shades and sizes, you can never go wrong with beautiful roses. Just be careful of those thorny stems! Roses, which typically bloom in the spring, outdate humans by many years. Even in the winter certain roses continue to show off stunning color and provide food for birds all year.

Tips for successfully growing roses in TerraCast Planters:

  • Find the perfect size planter for the task. Mini roses do best in a pot that is 12-inches deep. Floribundas and hybrid tear roses need a little more space, about a 15-inch pot. Large rose hybrids and tree roses need a container that measures closer to 18-inches plus.
  • Roses need sufficient drainage, so you may want to consider our self-watering attachment.
  • If you’re keeping your potted roses outdoors you may want to ditch the drainage saucer. A build up of water near the roots leaves roses rather susceptible to root rot. Yet another reason to consider self-watering planters for roses.


ChrysanthemumsChrysanthemums (also known as mums) have a pretty name and a beautiful appeal, helping earn their spot as one of the most popular flowers in the world. This flower is native to Asia and northeastern Europe but is found in many other places due to its popularity. This flower originally appeared on the horticulture scene as early as 15th century BC in China.

Tips for growing Chrysanthemums in TerraCast Planters:

  • Water the plant regularly and make sure to water beneath the foliage, directly on the soil. This reduces the risk of fungal issues.
  • This plant requires excellent circulation and doesn’t do well in high humidity.
  • In most cases, mums only flower once (if kept indoors) and will therefore last about 3 to 4 weeks before they need to be replaced. Many gardeners simply cut back the flowers after they bloom and use them as compost. 
  • This flower prefers moist soil and plenty of indirect sunlight.
  • Feed this flower every two weeks starting in midsummer until you see flower buds emerge.

Lily (Lilium)

Lilies are beautiful and very popular, largely thanks to the variety they come in. There are many plants disguised under the name ‘lily’ that are not actually a part of the true lily family. Lilies are grown in temperate and sub-tropical regions, and do great in planters. In fact, growing lilies in planters is highly recommended, as many won’t survive the winter if left in ground soil.

Tips for planting lilies in TerraCast Planters:

  • Lilies prefer a porous, loamy soil and they must have good drainage. Drainage is the most important component of growing lilies in planters; therefore a self-watering planter is your best bet. 
  • Lilies have contractile roots, meaning they have a natural pull that drags them down to the correct soil depth. Therefore, you’re better off planting this flower too shallow as opposed to too deep. That being said, lilies require at least 4-inches of soil on top of the bulb, with at least one-inch of soil beneath—the larger the bulbs the more space they require.
  • Lilies do best in bigger pots.
  • Lilies prefer facing south if you live in the northern hemisphere.
  • The best potting mix for lilies is 40% sand, 30% peat, and 30% compost.


Close up of red poinsettia flowersThe Poinsettia is a popular flowering plant, especially during the holiday season—largely because of its red and green foliage. The plant is native to Mexico and was originally brought to the United States in 1825 by Joel Roberts Poinsett. The poinsettia looks like a flower but it is actually a bush with very vibrant colored leaves. There are over 100 different poinsettia varieties.

Tips for growing Poinsettias in TerraCast Planters:

  • Poinsettias require plenty of sunlight in order to develop the most striking colors. Place pots near a window to ensure this. At least 12-hours a day for 5-days in a row this plant should be blanketed in complete darkness in order to fully change colors.
  • Cut the plant back in the early stages of spring so that the plant is encouraged to grow new leaves.
  • Fertilize poinsettias once a month with well-rounded liquid fertilizer and water as needed throughout all seasons.
  • In the winter you can apply fresh mulch around the edges of the plant, this helps keep the soil warm during colder months. This flower cannot withstand temperatures that dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, or 7 degrees Celsius.
  • This flower does best in temperatures around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Carnations (Dianthus)

Carnations come in many different colors, further promoting their popularity amongst the masses. All carnation colors carry a different significance, for instance pink carnations symbolize a mother’s love, and striped carnations symbolize regret or refusal. Carnations last a long time after blooming, even after they are cut.

Tips for growing Carnations in TerraCast Planters:

  • Never overwater carnations and be careful to only water when the top inch layer of soil has dried out.
  • Wait to prune carnations until you see 9 to 10 pairs of leaves on each stem. After the blooms fade and then wilt, deadhead them in order to promote growth of new flowers.
  • Carnations prefer a potting mix that includes 3 parts potting soil, 3 parts peat moss and 1 part sand. This is a mix that drains well, which is good because overly moist soil and carnations are a bad mix.
  • Carnations prefer a lot of sun in the daytime with afternoon shade.

The Best Planters For Your Beautiful Flowers

Growing beautiful flowers requires high quality planters. TerraCast offers the highest quality resin-based planters on the market, proven to last much longer than any competition. Our eco-friendly planters come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Plus, we offer unlimited options for planter customizations.