Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions to our everyday business of resin products

What is Resin?

Our resin is a high quality Linear Low Density Polyethylene.

What does “lightweight” mean for me?

TerraCast® resin products weigh a fraction of stone, concrete, clay or fiberglass, and therefore are much less expensive to ship, arrange and install.

What are the shipping costs & policies?

Shipping costs usually run about 17% of the total retail cost of the order. Please contact us if you have any special shipping requests or have any questions regarding our shipping.

When will my order ship?

We ship based on availability & quantity. We inform our customers to expect delivery within 10-20 days.

Do you have Quickship?

Yes, some items are available for quickship, please call the office to inquire.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to anywhere in the world.

Can you handle freight to Canada?

Yes – we can handle freight to Canada, and we have a wide range of logistics options available. Our team can help with brokering to get your items across the border. Call us to talk about details and options.

Can you ship by FedEx? UPS? DHL?

Yes – Any products that can fit in a standard box, we can ship with any of the major common carriers. Anything larger than the carrier’s largest box option would ship LTL.

What is LTL? How does it affect my shipping costs?

“Less than TruckLoad” This option affects shipping costs because you are basically buying space on a truck headed to your area. It’s not by weight or size but volume in the truck.

Can I receive my order in a residential area if it ships by LTL?

Yes, as long your destination has access for the the delivery truck to navigate in and then turn around and get out, the LTL company will deliver to your door.

Terms, conditions, payments

What are your terms and conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions are listed here or seen on the checkout page.

How do I pay?

You can call us to place your order over the phone, or you can pay by credit card on our safe, secure, encrypted website.


Can you make custom colors?

Yes, for a 25% up-charge we can match, create, or design any color or color blend you’d like.

Can you make custom sizes? Designs?

Yes, we are always looking to expand our designs and we welcome the opportunity to broaden and innovate our product lines.  Read more here.


How do I clean my product?

Put the hose on it. If there’s an ordinary mess on your product, like bird droppings, rusty sprinkler water or other residue, or food or other organic substance, any cleaner for plastic is fine. Mister Clean Magic Eraser works well, as does Goo Gone, Marine Spray 9, or Citrus Power. For extraordinary or synthetic issues, such as gum or paint, use a power cleaner or pressure washer. No brillo pads or steel wool.

What would cause a product to not be covered under the warranty?

Any damage outside of normal wear and tear, like intentional damage or an act of God. Read the warranty here.


Are these products environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Our products are completely recyclable and are mostly created with recycled resin.

What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy & Efficient Design.  Read more here.

Can TerraCast help me get LEED Certified?

TerraCast® can offer you advice on becoming LEED certified, along with provide you products that can qualify for LEED credits!

Where / How can I store my items?

If you have TerraCast® resin products that you don’t use all the time, they can be stored in just about any storage warehouse or container. They are made to be outside so an outdoor storage facility would be perfectly safe.