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6 Ways To Make Commercial Landscaping Stand Out

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Commercial LandscingPeople judge everything they see, including your landscaping. If your business is lacking curb appeal, customers judge this regardless if they notice they are doing it or not. On the other hand, nice looking corporate landscaping attracts judgments and attention in a good way. It’s not just customers that enjoy nice looking commercial landscaping, employee moral and productivity increases when a work environment looks better, both inside and out.

Commercial landscaping can do even more for you, by incorporating just the right details you can make your location stand out to all that pass by, eliciting more costumers than ever before. Here we provide 6 ways you can make your commercial landscaping really stand out.

1. Incorporate Your Logo Or Mission

The first thing customers see before entering your place of business is your landscaping, so why not introduce yourself right off the bat? Plants and flowers are pretty, so naturally they make great models. Plus you can train your plants to say anything you want. For instance, you can use planters to outline your logo or company name. Not only will this stand out, but also it serves as a great landmark people can use to reference the general area as well as your business. Take it one step further with TerraCast planters, which can be personalized with emblems and color patterns that symbolize you.

2. Keep Up With Maintenance

If your commercial landscaping becomes overrun with weeds, those ruse bushes suddenly won’t stand out as much, and that shaded bench won’t be so inviting.  Overgrown weeds and dead foliage signals one thing: “closed for business!” Okay, maybe two: “We don’t care!”

When your commercial landscaping is first completed it looks stunning, but how do you plan to keep up with these appearances? For one, it’s going to be more difficult to maintain landscaping if your planters, light posts, and other fundamental accessories are made to withstand regular wear and tear. Plants are another aspect that requires plenty of maintenance; since they are living creatures they need personalized care on a regular basis. If life is too busy to tend to flowers every few days, sign up for a regular maintenance service to help ensure your landscaping looks the best it can at all times of the year.

Important maintenance tasks to keep up with include:

  • Making sure all water irrigation systems are working
  • Stop any erosion or other issues related to poor drainage before it gets out of hand
  • Pruning and feeding plants, as well as removing weeds
  • Completing any necessary renovations

3. Utilize Lighting Where It Matters

Instituting properly lit pathways and accent features are more than just about aesthetics. Lighting increases overall safety and reduces the chances someone will take a wrong step and become injured on your property. Lighting also guarantees your business does not fade away into the darkness post-night fall. It’s not just about adding lighting fixtures, but adding them to the right parts of your corporate landscaping.

A well-lit sign that identifies your place of business, who you are and what you do is key to attracting recognition past nightfall. Adequate lighting should also be applied to all pathways for safe traveling. And a well-lit entrance and exit will help costumers safely move about your location, while also guiding them in the right direction.

There are an abundance of lighting types, which can be used alone or together to create light and style. You could add a row of attractive resin light posts on either side of a pathway in order to provide decoration as well as lighting. Or keep it simple with ground lighting that is only noticeable after dark.

4. Create A Landscape Theme

No need to keep things plain with a few basic flowers and trees, you can personalize your landscaping so that it really stands out, and also pays tribute to your business. What service or product does your business serve to the community? You can incorporate this into an overall theme for corporate landscaping. For example, if you sell running and hiking shoes, you could incorporate a hiking theme to your landscape with boulders, running signs, and more. Sell wine? You could plant a bushel of purple flowers in the shape of a grape vine for great curb appeal.

This is your chance to get creative, maybe ask around the company for ideas. The point is to make yourself stand out to people who have passed by and not noticed you before. It’s all about creating inspiration, making people want to enter your place of business, simply because your landscaping makes you look like the masters of your craft (See some ideas here).

 5. Where’s The Front Door?

No matter what design your corporate landscaping takes on, it’s very important to make sure customers don’t get lost among the foliage. If customers are unable to locate the entrance to your place of business, things won’t go so smoothly. Keep easy accessibility at the forefront of your mind when designing the original landscape plans.

6. Utilize High Quality Materials

No matter if it’s a bench, light post, or planter, if it is not made to withstand the elements it’s going to cause problems. Rusty lampposts on the verge of collapsing, and cracked potted plants will do nothing for your landscaping appeal. Commercial landscaping is going to get a lot of wear and tear, people will tromp through your grass, and sit beside signs clearly marked “Stay Off.” And it’s not just the people; the sun fades colors and the snow causes cracks to almost all landscaping features, except those made with specially formulated resin.

Buying high quality landscaping accessories will save you tons of headaches in the future. TerraCast resin does not corrode, crack, or break down, plus it is 100% recyclable and affordable.

TerraCast Products has over 30-years experience delivering the very best accessories for corporate landscaping. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits we can bring to your project.