To Self-Water or Not

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  Self-Watering liners have recently really come into vogue for those who want to pay less attention to their plants and have them flourish without the constant need for water.  The premise of a self-watering liner, or planter, is to have the flexibility to forget to water your plants. The way the planter is manufactured and designed the root systems …

Interior Tropical Design

The Best Indoor Plants For Tropical Interior Designs

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Interior tropical design elements can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary space. If you spend your days dreaming of a tropical vacation, you might as well make your own space feel like a sunny paradise. Tropical design is not a specific color or type of plant, instead it’s a wide variety of different elements that all come together to …

10 Inspirational Residential Landscaping Ideas To Make Your Yard Stand Out

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The front of your home offers up a lot of information about what awaits beyond your locked front door. At least this is what people assume when they look at your front yard, hence why curb appeal is so important. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great looking yard, there are a number of cheap landscaping …

10 Tips For Greener Landscaping

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Sometimes the most brilliant looking landscapes are far from green, and are in fact damaging to the environment. Harmful pesticides, excessive water usage, and gas-powered tools can all turn a beautiful garden into a pollution maker. Thankfully, you can create a beautiful garden that doesn’t contribute to the destruction of our natural world. In order to keep your landscaping beautiful …

7 Benefits To Landscaping With Made In America Products

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We are happy to see more and more shoppers taking the time to check and see if a product is made in the USA before buying it. Buying American made products started off as a movement to bring jobs back home, and it is now transforming into a way of life. Numerous benefits are provided by made in America products, …

landscape architects

11 Movies All Landscape Architects Should See

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Like most people, I love sitting back and enjoying a great movie. Some movies are the equivalent to junk food for the mind, mind-numbing movies that make you laugh, cry, or a combination of both. Then, every once in a while, you watch a film that feels like more than just another movie. A film that speaks to you, offers …

Avoid These 7 Biggest Landscaping Fails

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Businesses and residential properties share one major thing in common: they both want great looking landscaping. If almost everyone wants their yard to look excellent, what is it that makes some landscapes look less than impressive? There are numerous mistakes that can be made when planning for landscaping, including not planning at all. In order to achieve the best looking …

Large Resin Planter

7 Reasons Resin Planters Are Number One

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When buying outdoor planters it’s important to consider the materials used in the manufacturing process. Outdoor planters have to battle off the sun, snow, dogs lifting their legs, and birds dropping off splattered white packages, not to mention the constant fluctuation between hot and cold temperatures. With so much going against your outdoor landscaping products, it’s no wonder people end …

Stone Planter

Top 7 Reasons To Rethink Stone Planters

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Stone planters may be beautiful, but they are also bloated with drawbacks. There are a number of reasons that stone planters can cause more headaches than they are worth. If you are thinking about investing in stone planters, we must warn you there are a few things you should know before casting the first stone. In this blog we detail …

Commercial Building

6 Ways To Make Commercial Landscaping Stand Out

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People judge everything they see, including your landscaping. If your business is lacking curb appeal, customers judge this regardless if they notice they are doing it or not. On the other hand, nice looking corporate landscaping attracts judgments and attention in a good way. It’s not just customers that enjoy nice looking commercial landscaping, employee moral and productivity increases when …