4 Trees That Flourish In Large Planters

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Planting trees in large planters has become a very popular practice, especially in areas where there is not adequate land or soil to plant directly in the ground. Certain trees flourish beautifully in planters, while others will only cause you headaches and eyesores. There are a couple of things to consider before planting a tree in a pot and calling …

Water Landscaping Tips

Save Money With These 5 Water Landscaping Tips

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How much do you currently spend watering your landscape? Irrigation costs can vary considerably depending on the size of your property, the types of plants you have, as well as many other elements. To get an overall idea of how water-wise your current landscaping is, break your yard down into three different zones: regular watering, occasional watering, and natural rainfall …

Landscape Safety

Landscape Safety Checklist For 7 Common Landscaping Issues

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Is your landscape design safe for everyone that visits your location? Managing corporate landscaping is a lot of work, and there are a variety of crucial errors that can turn nice landscaping into a potential danger zone. Landscaping is almost always completed on a tight schedule, and when trying to meet deadlines short cuts can lead to future complications. Budgetary …

outdoor planter

Choosing Outdoor Planters – What Works for Your Business

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What Kind of Commercial Outdoor Planter is Right for Your Business? There’s no denying it: plants have a very profound effect on how human beings feel about their surroundings. As flowers, shrubs and trees become scarcer in the sprawling urban metropolis of the modern world; decorative outdoor planters placed strategically at the entrance of a building can make a lasting …

How Much Does Your City Spend On Landscaping

How Much Does Your City Spend On Landscaping?

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The Costs And Perks Of Green Community Landscapes When you drive through a city you instantly make a judgment about its overall appearance, safety, and value by assessing what it looks like. Is it well landscaped and clean? Or is it a concrete jungle with barren dirt lots here and there? Lush, maintained landscaping can have a big impact on …

commercial landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Offers Major Benefits!

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Big Benefits To Landscaping For Any Commercial Property As you approach a place of business, what do you notice about it? How does the building appear? Is this a place you trust and appreciate just by looking at? It might seem silly and perhaps you’re thinking, who cares what commercial landscaping looks like if a business provides good service? Think …

patio furniture

How To Find The Best Patio Furniture

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When it comes time to decorate your patio with furniture your options are practically endless. There are countless styles, sizes, and types of furniture to choose from, the only thing holding you back are your own taste and preference. In this blog we detail how to find the best patio furniture, plus tips how to create an outdoor space you …

Indoor Plants Light Requirements

Indoor Plants Light Requirements

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Do Your Indoor Plants Have The Right Amount Of Light to Grow and Thrive? If you’re struggling to keep your indoor potted plants looking lovely and green, it might have something to do with your plants not getting adequate light. Indoor plants generally require far less sunshine than outdoor foliage, but that doesn’t mean they require no light at all. …

To Self-Water or Not

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  Self-Watering liners have recently really come into vogue for those who want to pay less attention to their plants and have them flourish without the constant need for water.  The premise of a self-watering liner, or planter, is to have the flexibility to forget to water your plants. The way the planter is manufactured and designed the root systems …

Interior Tropical Design

The Best Indoor Plants For Tropical Interior Designs

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Interior tropical design elements can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary space. If you spend your days dreaming of a tropical vacation, you might as well make your own space feel like a sunny paradise. Tropical design is not a specific color or type of plant, instead it’s a wide variety of different elements that all come together to …