Extra-large Lightweight Planters—Where to Get Them & Benefits They Offer

Extra-large Lightweight Planters—Where to Get Them & Benefits They Offer

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Extra-large planters add a lot of ‘wow’ factor to landscaping, but the fact they can be incredibly heavy deters some designers and business owners from investing in them. That’s where extra-large lightweight planters come into play—offering all the appeal of large planters without the drawbacks of using a forklift to move them.

Before we get into that though, some benefits of extra-large planters include:

  • They make an excellent focal point for landscaping.
  • Grant a space to plant larger greenery like trees with enough room for roots to grow and thrive. This can also help create shade.
  • Add your logo for a personalized touch that truly stands out
  • Extra-large planters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures to help bring the style of your landscaping to life.

While extra-large planters offer numerous benefits, the drawback is how much they can weigh. This makes it difficult to transport them and move them as needed. Large and heavy objects are also more prone to cracking and breaking, especially during relocation.

So, where do you get these seemingly ‘magical’ extra-large planters that don’t weigh several hundred (+) pounds when packed with soil, water, and foliage? TerraCast planters are made from a unique resin-based material that is incredibly durable, albeit lightweight.  In other words, we create long-lasting extra-large lightweight planters right here in the USA.

Benefits of extra-large lightweight planters include:

1. Place Extra-Large Lightweight Planters Anywhere

Are weight restrictions preventing you from adding a large planter to a certain location, say for instance on a rooftop or wood deck? A large planter that is lightweight offers the solution you’ve been seeking. Our planters can be made to imitate the look of stone or marble without the heft. That means you get the best of both worlds.

2. No Machinery Needed to Move Lightweight Planters

Forklifts and other heavy machinery cost money to rent and maneuver. Yet, moving extra-large planters is often an annual or seasonal job based upon the weather in your region. At some point, all large planters must be moved or repotted. You can save money on labor and machinery by employing extra-large planters without the extra-large weight.   

3. Less Dense = Less Likely to Break

Dense materials are quick to break—all it takes is solid impact, especially after a few years of wear and tear. One wrong move during relocation and your extra-large planter could take a tumble and break. Our lightweight planters are far from dense. They are lightweight and made from super flexible materials that can withstand a great deal of pressure without cracking or breaking.

4. Save Money on Shipping Costs & Handling Fees

It’s far more affordable to ship lightweight planters compared to heavy planters. Plus, fewer natural resources (like gas) are used in transporting them—which is better for the environment.

Our planters can be moved by hand without the use of forklifts or other heavy machinery. It’s much easier to get them off the delivery truck and in place on your property. That also means you save money on handling fees.

5. Save Money on Product Costs

Heavy planters tend to cost as much as they weigh. Our planters are more affordable to manufacture, which translates to greater savings on the purchase price. 

Other ways TerraCast Planters help you save money:

  • They last longer, which means you don’t have to replace them as often—thus saving you money.
  • They are virtually maintenance-free, reducing maintenance costs.
  • More affordable to ship to your location due to lightweight qualities

Where to Get Extra-large Lightweight Planters

TerraCast Products remains the leading source for extra-large lightweight planters. Our unique resin-based blend and production process produces high quality, long lasting, durable and lightweight planters unlike anything else on the market. Other benefits to our planters include:

  • Resistant to stains, even from graffiti, thanks to a non-porous shell
  • Highly durable, even in the face of impact damage—we’ve thrown our planters from rooftops to test their strength, only to see them survive without fail.
  • Impervious to the elements—water doesn’t get in, preventing freeze/thaw cycles from unfolding and leading to cracks in materials.
  • TerraCast Planters can be made to look like other materials, such as stone or granite.
  • Completely customizable—add your logo, slogan, or custom-order any color selection
  • We offer a wide variety of modern designs and styles
  • Need self-watering planters? We have those too! In fact, any TerraCast Planter can be turned into a self-watering planter by adding one of our attachable insert basins to the bottom.
  • Our products qualify for MR4 LEED credits
  • If the shipping destination is within 500 miles of one of our sites (one in Tennessee and one in Southern California), it qualifies for MR5 LEED credits.

Start saving big while enjoying the benefits of extra-large planters! Browse our wide selection of extra-large lightweight planters